Panasonic GD67

Panasonic GD67

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  • Haldis

I sure hope that it is faster than the t68, it takes about 5 minutes to write one single SMS on that phone, does anoyne know how fast it is?

  • A Non

So where can I buy a colour phone with a camera and with MMS for £20?

It's all dependent on what different people want I guess.

  • Anonymous

Sounds like you want the GD87 - gives the you Cammera and MMS

  • hercules

if you´re gonna buy a colorphone buy 1 with mms and an add on at least camera!colorphone and only that means that in a few months you´ll be back in technology!

  • A Non

Yep, bring on Infusio games, the best games I've ever played on a mobile!!!

  • Anonymous

If your Network suports it and you've got the right GD67, it suports In-Fusio downloadable games! Wallbreaker here we come!

  • A Non

Chill Chill Chill. There are delivery reports: Messagses->Parameters->Report.

You'll have to contact your network operator to get your sim wap enabled and they should then provide you with all of the details you need to use WAP. I like the WAP feature here, it gives you an 'internet' feel when browsing.

Why does so many people care about PAYG? Get on a contract cheap skates!! ;-)

  • Pauly

I just got one today... not impressed though. Graphics are terrible, i mean really poor and its slow. Texting is a nightmare and the new menu with the joystick is just awful. No delivery reports either and no snooze... CRAP.

  • Getting desperate

Does anyone actually know when this phone will be out on PAYG 02??

  • Matt Wood


  • shaun

can anyone tell me if there are any websites that have backgrounds for the gd67 and if the phone has a melody composer??

  • Matt Wood

I don't think it's bulky or ugly, quite the contrary. It DOES have GPRS, as well. My main problem is - WHEN THE HELL IS IT OUT ON PAYG?

  • Decknologist

Had a look at one of these phones and although they are a nice idea i don't think panasonic have got it quite right. Colour screen, but only 256 colours. Aimed at those people who want a phone with a colour screen but who do not want any new applications (Java/MMS/GPRS). Bulky and lets face it, ugly. The joypad works well but i'm sure i've seen a similar one somewhere before?

  • Daniel

Haw do i get the wap and gprs to work???
I am on o2

  • AndyW

This phone WILL support full colour WAP pages - check out esato and all the others for T68 backdrops - and it will also support animated screesavers, BUT some T68i ones MAY be too big.

  • jokinrooster

you can get it on o2 pay as you go through littlewoods catalogue £150.00 product code px1269 spread it over 38 weeks

  • Pauly

So has anyone actually got hold of one of these phones yet or what? Are they any good? I'm thinking of getting one but want some opinions first! :)

  • Brett

Where are the pissing pictures

  • Daniel

Hi im having the same problem haw do u start using wap.
i think we have to phone some one up to enable the phones sim?
If anyone knaws wot to do please help me!

  • sol

how do you enable the wap + where do i get ringtones+ animations and stuff cant find anywhere please help someone!! this cool phone will go to waste with your help