Panasonic GD87

Panasonic GD87

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  • nik99net
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  • unknown

tHis phone is good ... pei rong suck . he is like a girl . he is very sissy .. he is like a 'aqua' only wan to lose weight and everything is grandmother , wan money call grandmother . stupit. only goes out with a bunch of sissy boy! stupit fool!!!!

  • derek

I cannot get the 200 memory in phone on my GD87,I only have 20 on the sim card.....can anybody help???

  • David

To sUpRaGiRl, you are seriously super stupid. The phone is fantastic! I've had mine for over 5 months now and it is without any problems! The only flaw is that it is not Java and the lack of games. The new model is Java, Bluetooth and has a flash light. For the GD87/88 it's a fab and reliable phone for it's 5 months age.... obviously its superseeded now - but still is 65K color screen and it's build quality is above many others in the range.

  • sUpRaGiRl

crappy phone-
* lacking in features ie profiles, caller groups, call barring for certain profiles/groups, colours are limited (orange blue n green only), etcetc.
* picture to attach to phonebook is MINUTE, small, TINY!
* only two games, no pause w/ tetris either
* when the phone's on silent the alarm clock doesnt ring at all. it only rings when the ringtone is on, which is useless for me coz i turn on silent mode when im sleeping, and i would like to be woken up by my alarm thank u!
over all... if anyone's looking for more features rather than just a camera to play w/ (which btw DRAINS UR BATTERY LIKE THERE's NO TOMORROW), i highly recommend SE T68i (my old fone.. i miss it)
bluetooth, LOADS of features, u can bar diff ppl w/ in diff profiles, too much to list

  • BroCk lesnar

i Am going to f5 this phone

  • BenAJmInf5

This phone is good . i love it very much . the space is good and i love zl

  • max steel

its a good phone i had it for a week or more but the sms is a little troblesome but its still a very good phone but my favorite phone is nokia 8910ii love it

  • Mark O'Neil

It's a good cell phone...I like it..

  • PIG0NK

this fone will not come out in indonesia coz the shop is close hikz hikz ,lucky i get one in australia but get bored alredy!!

  • PIG0NK

shame panasonic close its original retail shop in indonesia the last prod were the gd75!!other wise is a black market fone!!!!

  • maxsteel

i just got my gd88 yesterday its good but the menu or not as easy as nokia

  • Michael

Hey there Max Steele..... What a mistake..... You just shot yourself in the foot by buying the Nokia 68000!

  • max steel

i am thinking of getting the gd88 but i am not sure weather is it really pls give me a reply asap i planned to get it yesterday but got the n6800 instead


is the panasonic gd87 better then the samsung v200/v205 or is the samsung better

  • Pete

TO: |nfo^Bo|

Your friend is full of shit. The phone does.

  • |nfo^Bo|

I had wanted to buy GD88 recently........But one of my friend got it n told me tat this phone,when recieved a SMS,u cant tell whether who was it from as there r no mobile numbers on the sms I am quite puzzled........ PLs help me izzit true???

  • sohai

this phone suck

  • Javid Ahmed

Does the GD87 have a slide show? and if so, how can you turn the slide show off?

  • Mikael Berglund

The badest phone I have ever had... you cant send files downloaded (Security file, cant transfer) You cant send downloaded files by MMS (Security file, Connot Insert) and you cant make the sound when taking a photo to get away.. The telephone is moore gray than silver after i had it in some weeks.. etc etc.