Panasonic GD87

Panasonic GD87

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  • Anonymous

how much memory does it have?

  • mike

what's the battery life like? mine sucks 48 50 hrs tops!

  • radu

its a wonderfull phone,i can say..altought the keypad is old style..they could create a better sublight for opinion!!

  • cOw_keEper

I have brought the GD 88(asian version) few weeks ago, its a damn good phone it have a lot of features u need.. the only bad point is that the sound of the camera can't b turn off and it don't support java and bluetooth...

  • bob the builder

still the most sort sfter phone on the market. Does the job and does it in style.

  • me

i want 1 but does it work in the dark hammy

  • John Kirk

Jonas Karlsson (23 September 2003) seems to think the use of sexual swear words in his review is OK. It's not. Site manager(s) should act to curb or delete his inappropriate input.

  • Panaman

I read that one person says that the Samsung V200 is much better than this Panasonic jewel. Well, let me say this; Samsung is in my eyes a very unreliable brand because I've had some Samsung stuff. Since I'm using Panasonic products, especially GSM's, I haven't any problems. The GD87 has all the features you need, the design is really cool and the built quality is the best. And, there's more on the way from Panasonic! Be different and go for Panasonic!

  • Anonymous

It can be storet allmost 200 images with the picture format JPEG Normal.

  • Anonymous

I think it is a really nice mobile. It isn`t slow and it got a good color screen. In a scale 1-10 I give it 9. I don`t give it 10 because it dont have Java or bluetooth.

  • jonas karlsson

i bought the gd87 2 days ago and it *s the fucking best phone iver ever had and ever seen...get it now..!!!!!! it ruuuuuuuleeeeeeeeezzzzz

  • Sonny Yossagita

very..very.. expensive

  • Max Zelaya

i love this phone its the best phone ever had superior to all others

  • Thaitran

Panasonic GD87e

  • Anonymous

does it have a built in flash?

  • binno

can anyone tell me how many photos can be stored on the phone at any one time? thanx.

  • niab

This phne is my dream,my one and only. No woman can compare to such a frantic and assured mobile! This is my dream

  • greg

Awesome phone and the only one with a built-in flash!

  • steve austin

a great phone . and that the bottom line cos stone cold said so !

  • Anonymous

v200 is definely not in the same class as gd88. Sales figures alone has shown that GD87/88 is almost number 1 in major european countries.