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Panasonic MX7

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  • Anonymous

The primary purpose of a phone being communication, DO NOT BUY THIS BAUBLE! The earpiece is insufficent, Conversants reported my voice being distorted, Calls in areas of known and proven coverage were dropped. Also the software is counter-intuitive. The screen is soo pretty, it is a true shame that this POS is going back to the vendor.

  • serie

i've had this phone for about 3 weeks now and i've really taken a liking to it. no, there's no expandable memory, but personally that's not a big deal. the battery life is amazing. it tends to last me 2 weeks or so with a fair amount of use, and on standby i don't doubt it'd last all month.

that said, there are downsides to this phone. it's quite thick because of the extra capacity battery. but then, compare dimensions with something like the philips xenium 9@9e, and it's about the same--that's just how it's gotta be for long battery life at this point. you can always fall back on the vs7 if you don't like this.

the other major detractor is the ring volume. oddly enough, the built-in ringtones are very loud. but my own custom mp3 ringtones are very soft. it's easy enough to miss in loud environments that i use vibrate + ring so that i don't miss the call.

other than that, this phone is worth its price. it doesn't break the bank, and the kit comes with an earpiece (wired) and a usb cable + software cd. the keys are on the small side, but not so bad that they're difficult to hit. its design also deserves mention, it has the looks of a jphone: very understated, but sleek and solidly constructed. even when i've had friends complain about the size, they do pick it up for a good look anyway because its looks are unique here in north america. and to date, i've not heard one person say it's ugly. the same can't be said of the reams of lg, sony and samsung phones out there flooding the na market.

  • nakalman

It shall be a perfect phone if they add expansion memory.

  • XoD

Lolx....look at the battery...Mx7 can last longer than Vs7...and it is fatter than Vs7...

  • Anonymous

the difference is the battery life!!!

  • Ramsus

MX7, VS7, what's really the difference...? I was comparing both phone and cant really see a difference except MX is $10 more than VS7 >.>|||

Come on, Panasonic, give your phone a memory card slot and make life easier! >_

  • Big Di_k Guy

No memory card slot, no fm radio, 2,5" display size 16m color without touchscreen????? It's not good!!! Zero point! I don't want to buy it!! I prefer Sony Ericsson phones, my S700i hits that!

  • Mat

To those that have this phone, how many days does the battery really last when used normally?

  • kiara

how i wish panasonic would read this and create a phone very soon with the same GREAT features but with higher memory and SD slot...
really love its features but unhappy with the memory. you can't do much!!!

  • pudenga

here in italy the phone is not available so i had to buy in taiwan...i d'like to know if supports other language excluding english, like italian?

thanks a lot.

best regards.

  • shant

i just got the mx7 and i love it. all the features on it are perfect. a lot of people been asking about the phone if it has a sd card slot. well it doesn't. i wish it did but oh well. i still like the phone a lot. the screen and the camera are awesome.

  • NRT

This would be a near perfect phone, but the lack of a card slot makes in not perfect... bummer, everything else is very good, but without a card slot... well, its very average.

  • Morten

Quote Larry:
Seems panasonic had a change of heart...there is going to be a slot when it comes out. It's on their site.


Can you post a link? I can not find any information supporting that claim.

  • philips

philips 9@9e batery is 1100mah,panasonic batery is 1660mah...may i know which 1 batery stand by more longer????thank you

  • Larry

I'm getting really pissed off now!
Everyone keeps repeating: No Card Slot, No Card Slot, No Card Slot, No Card Slot, No Card Slot.

This is not a professional digital camera with optical zoom. To store 30 photos is enough for this beautiful and advenced phone!

-The best quality screen of all cell. phones!
-The best quality of ring tones (and very loud)!
-The best earpiece sound quality!
-The best batterry life!

Maybe a compass? (like a stupid Nokia 5140 hgot one)

  • Sno

good phone but no card slot? what a shame...

  • Swatpup

MX7 or VS7 are not made available in Europe (yet or will never be). Does the phone supports European languages like French, Dutch, or German, or only English? I can buy them in the US but I want the use the internal dictionary with T9 function in my own language (Dutch)...

  • Larry

Thank you- GSM Arena for correcting this little mistake and letting the users know that MX7 is now in stores. That's the type of costumer service we have longed for.

I also hope we can get a review of SA7 OR MX7 models (including of course Camera review) To me SA7 and MX7 are the most beautiful phones and of a very high quality (could be seen very well from Panasonic's website).

Sincerely yours:

  • T. Ford

Seems panasonic had a change of heart...there is going to be a slot when it comes out. It's on their site.

  • aerial

Yes. It doesn't have miniSD slot.­res02.html