Panasonic X100

Panasonic X100

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  • erkan

I use this phone and plan to purchase a cable. As stated in the user manual. cable type is compatible with X500. I found it in e-bay, (X500 cable) anyway I will buy it and try. It's about 8 GBP with SH&handling.

  • Yan

i found the cable but hvn bought it. tat day found it at lowyat plaza. quite expensive, RM70 loh! still consider want to buy or not..u all got any comment?

  • Vikas

My X100 is just 10 days old, its compact, cool and suits most of the operations.
CIF - Common Interchange Format, its like GIF/JPEG.
- Sending sms involves lot of steps
- Camera resolution is OK kind
I wonder there is no AUTO-Key lock feature, I've to manually lock the keypad, is'nt this weird ?

  • Anonymous

YEAH!!! Where can we buy this fucking cable!! In France the X100 is even not available on Panasonic website...
Such a pity!

  • Yan802

how to get the cable n handsfree?

  • Yan802

i get my X100 oledi! it's really nice. small, pretty colour screen n got camera. the price is reasonable :P

  • Erkan

I've been using it for 2 weeks,
Covers much of my needs, Screen is perfect for the price I paid, Camera performance is moderate, but the vibration is a bit weak.
It's worth buying. Around 150EUR in Turkey.

  • manu

i wanna know if its lose his signal if i am in a sub or in an underground pub.

  • Panaddict

yes it s true!!! no Irda... transfer only by cable or wap!

  • kolka

Prashanth said that this cellular doesn't have IrDa. Is it true???

  • G

got it for 10 hours...really really se t600...awesome small tft screen 150 in Belgium.

  • Anonymous

99 buck a roos on pre paid

  • edwin

at malaysia it only a very cheapppppp..

  • Panaddict

I just bought one in FRance and it works well!
The only problem i got is to find new ringtones or wallpapers...

It seems i will have to buy a cable data to do it...

Does anyone knows if cable data for X300/X500 is working for X100 as well????

  • Mike

It cost around USD$170 over here.. the TFT Colour screen gives a sharp colour display, well, its much better then the display screen in samsung and nokia, but don't expect much from a 2x VGA camera. So is any one here using it already? What do you think about the performance?

  • (T^T)

Would someone plz tell me how much does this phone cost plz?!?!?!

  • lee

what is the price and hows the phone

  • Prashanth

It would be a big mistake to launch this camera phone without infrared port. and pricing should be low.In india panasonic is priced very high compared to other models

  • Fett

What does CIF camera mean?

  • danny

Im wanting to buy this phone although i live in australia... PLEASE!!! I WANT ONE!!! If anyone is selling or can get me one easily,, PLEASE EMAIL ME

Thankyou verymuch!
Danny (AD)