Panasonic X300

Panasonic X300

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  • Roxy

how do you transfer, e.g. pictures, from computer to this phone? What does the USB port mean? does that mean i can transfer by connecting something to the USB port of my PC?

  • digiworker

it an ok phone. But could some one tell me how long is the video time on the x300 soposed to be??????????????

  • Kiyoto

Cingular Browser Configuration:
Go to Browser from Main Menu. Go to Connectivity. Then to GPRS Settings. Select one of the names and input the following info:
Server Name: Media Net, GPRS APN: wap.cingular, Login Name:, Password: CINGULAR1, Authentication: Activate.
Press Save. Back to Browser Menu and up to Settings. Select any name from the list and press Edit. Input this info:
Sevrer Name: Media Net, IP Address:, IP Port: 9203, Homepage: http://device.home , Linger Time: 300, Connection: GPRS, CSD Settings: Empty, GPRS Settings: Media Net.
Press Save, scroll to Media Net and click Launch. Now your Browser is set up for WAP configuration and you may access the web by selecting Start Browser from the Browser Menu or from the main screen (while idle), hold down *.

  • Kiyoto

A Basit, you lock the keypad by holding the up/down cursor UP for a few seconds. To deactivate, press the left softkey twice.

  • A basit

well it is really awsome..i luv it ..ppl plz lz plz i got to know how to lock its keypad ...plz i could not fund how to lock its keypad other than auto lock other mobiles do??? please let me know soooonnn

  • The Link

please i would like 2 know if anyone else in this forum lives in trinidad and has a data cable,i would like 2 know where 2 buy a data in trinidad (cause i live of course ) any way i have the panasonic X300 i think it is cool but the bad thing is it has no infrared port or blue tooth so it is hard 2 get wll papers and ringtone and games etc.. my sonyericsson t316 doesnt even have a camera but it has infrared so it is easy 2 get stuff 4 it some one please help thanks anyway i n advance

  • Anonymous

can some one please tell me how to install the data cable so it actually works!?! i brought one off the internet and when the software had been installed and i have plugged them together i get no reply from the phone? please can anyone help??

  • shabira

hey.. i wanna noe.. anione has any website for e ringtones?.. to compose?..thankiu..

  • Vivek Kambo

I am a die-hard fan of Panasonic, so I have always used Panasonic models. My latest is X300. Its a good phone with good features. However, I feel somehow, Panasonic phones are note keeping update with market trends. Competitor phones of the same price range now offer IR port and FM radio in their models which is missing in X300. Besides its really difficult getting ringtones and wallpapers for Panasonic phones (I fail to undestand why???). Otherwise aesthetics are fine. The flip camera is cool but Panasonic should add features to give more value for money.

  • Al8Jai

Not a bad phone, but for that sort of price. there are better models. Unless you can find some cheap stock, its not really worth getting. I picked up my one brand new with 12 month warranty in Vodafone Auburn (Sydney) for $199. Thats cheap~

  • Valentin

I have a Panasonic x300 and I am trying to set up the internet browser. My service provider is T-mobile. Any sugestions about seting up the internet connections?

  • pinklove

KIMMY! for answering my question! Now I am going to buy one!!

  • elle

i recently recived the panasonic x300 n i love it o much.... the good thing about about it is dat no one else has it, n its one of A kind...... good fone i recomend it.......................

  • kimmy

hi pinklove, to turn off network name infront of wallpaper press menu, my phone, display, hide network name

  • pinklove

could someone please tell me how well you can see your wallpaper? the part of the screen the pops out for photos does that make any difference to your wallpaper?
and is there a network logo in front of the wallpaper? can you turn it off? thank-you

  • sebastien

great great great phone! amazing pictures and videos even thouhg theres no sound. Features are great and the design is top of the line! small and light so its just amazing, a definite buy!!!

  • adrian

if anyone has wed settings for this phone please let me know i live in the US and have Cingular thank you

  • Mike

There is one light mistake in phone description by GSM ARENA.

The phone has 50 otgoing calls memory,
not 10.

Also, people be aware:
The phone is all great except one thing:
horrible small keypad!

On the photos this phone's keypad looks much bigger than it is! (Gimmik stretched photos!)
After I received this phone via Shipping delivery I was shocked about the size of Keypad. I though I would get used to it, but after 2 months of using this phone , it irritates me strongly , because of how slow and carefuly I must dial every #.

  • erik

what is this actually..a phone or wat.
it's design was egronomically bad..and i mean very very more homework ok...

  • Ben

Got this phone two weeks ago great phone much better than my old LG4011. I can make clearer calls. I got this phone with no web server setting and the Technical guy was no help. I live in United States and need the web setting for a Cingular network Help?