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  • vize

to flamingsnot: yes it comfortable & it wont heats up .when it open,it open to 160 degree angle, almost straight, permormance is well no buggy although this the first panasonic symbian.
to da^boy: if u r still new to symbian, Symbian is an operating system that makes a smartphone. like windows in pc,palm os in palm pda/phone. Symbian os consists 3 series, s60 like x700 6600 3650 7610 etc , series 80(nokia communicator) like 9210 9500 ,& UIC(mostly touch screen)like p910 A1000 etc. each series has diffs software developed by ppl, most ppl develop s60 soft as more hp using s60. u can get many free s60 soft online. some of the web etc. im from indonesia, i bought the minisd & talk260 online, difficult to find 512mb minisd so i decided to buy online, mostly in store they sell the 128/256mb. u dont need to install antivirus cause there not many symbian virus yet. just dont install caribe & skulls.sis. this phone has no bug perform well,it will not lag unless u open multiple task(more than 5 app without close it). u can kill the tasks by psiloc task manager .it can compress the RAM become faster too.there is agile messenger app that can connect to MSN mess. Hope it help thx

  • Da^Boy

Hi Vize, I wanna ask something about ur comment u post on gsm arena. Btw are you from singapore?? u bought all those 512mb minisd card and talk 60 application in singapore arhz? If so may i ask how much and where u bought it? And wher do u find all those other application u have stated in ur comment? i also wanna to install something like that. Will this phone lag or get buggy?? need to install any anti-virus programme in it? Can this phone log into msn? does it need money for the internet?? Hope can reply me. Cos i wanna change a handphone now and like this phone very much. its appearance really attract me. its too beautiful. Hahaz. Thankz for the time for reading thru and reply this message. hope to hear from u soon. byezz..

  • flamingsnot

to vize: you're not gonna believe how many places I have checked, it still hasn't even got a release date!!! anyways, just wanted to ask anyone who has the phone already, is it comfortable to hold against your ear when your talking on it? please could someone let me know if its comfortable and if the screen heats up against your face when talking on it. thanks everyone :)

  • vize

1-9 just for quick call,navigation key is disabled for quick app, but install psiloc task manager it can set quick app in 4 nav key & upper left right

  • xernix_ice

Hi to all folk !
Can any tell me how much it cost in Malaysia.?

Let me know via e-mail
My e-mail is

Thank for reading....!

  • chubbster69

hi pplz, i was juz wonderin if the fone has a quick button to operate the camera, instead of goin through the menu? cheers dudes and dudesses

  • vize

to clouboun: it sure loud as other smartphone or pda phone, depending what music app u play it, plays ultra mp3 will not breaking the bass but not loud, while mp3 3.02 will break the bass as it loud,but with oggplay ull forget the mp3, ogg sounds better than mp3, while mp3 in 128 bitrate equivalent to ogg 64 bitrate,if u convert to 128bitrate ogg ull get very nice sounds and loud. ull get the ogg mp3 wav audio cd free converter in,ringtones can set in all audio format wav mp3 ogg amr mmf .

to flamingsnot : i see u r waitting too long for the phone , u should check up the panasonic dealer in ur country if it will come out there. Its been out since November in asia. about the 1 giga mini sd , theres no 1 giga mini sd, the max mini sd card is 512mb , and this so rare i bought it online . hope u get ur x700 soon

  • flamingsnot

that's some good software you know, i got all that on my nokia 3650, can't wait to get my x700, it'll just be an upgrade so i can use symbian v7 software and more ram. i'm so excited

  • Clouboun

How loud is the speakerphone on this panasonic? Just like the GU87 or better?

  • vize

i been using 3 months now and i put lot of good symbian software in it , making it the best powerfull gadget for everything i need. im using the 512mb mini sd and i have dozens symbian s60 application ..some of my software:
1.oxford dictionary :around 500 000 english words .
2.Read M/pdf+: for reading books txt & pdf file.
3.Ogg player mp3 player wav player. Ive 100+ ogg song.. which i found ogg sounds better than mp3.
4.talks60: this is the best application, this is the only application i bought,it read all my txt and pdf books and my sms talking in english .I could relax driving and it read all my story books and incoming sms.
5.dozens java games/symbian games
6.answering machine: usefull if im not around, and it record ppl message, no more voicemail thing. recording :record automatically ur
conversation when calling and can set as ringtone if u want
8.Anti mosquito: usefull to keep away the mosquito.
9.Fm Radio
10.realone/smartmovie/helix: to play avi mpeg4 3gb etc
11.task manager/file manager: to compress memory and to kill hidden task.
12.fax trasfer via bt/ir. traveller: to see time/currency in the world
14.compass & gps application
15.Celltrack: to see the battery power
16.Fs caller: make the whole screen whatever photo i put when ppl calling with the id
17.anti virus: caribe is the main virus to keep away
18.agile lie detector: to show if the ppl tells lie or not
19.handy photosafe/media saf: safe ur private picture,movie , data with password
20.irremote: i use this for my remote tv, but must in closer distance
21.blacklist: could block any phone number to busy line
22.sms machine: usefull for reject spam sms and auto reply
23.talks60: this is the best application, this is the only application i bought,it read all my txt and pdf books and my sms talking in english .I could relax driving and it read all my story books and incoming sms.
24.icq mess,opera browser.
25.caricature/facewave : app for picture editing
and whole lots more i coukd write here, if u want someof them write me email

  • flamingsnot

thanks, I've already had a look around, specially on ebay, found one for 160 (without VAT and shipping costs), it's just that i'd feel more comfortable buyin from a shop, but if i have to, i'll just end up getting one from the internet. I was considering the nokia 6630, but it's got 3G capabilities, while i've got a 2g sim card, and i dont really wanna get a new sim card, so i guess it'll be the x700 in the end.

  • Sleekdeke

I found you can get the X700 for around 203 including shipping from two sources in the US that will ship internationally. One is a site named, the other is on ebay from no-air-time (just search for "Panasonic X700"). Have bought two phones from Plemix before. no-air-time seems to be a legit seller with a online shop at
Hope this helps.

  • flamingsnot

it probably can. i went into the big London Vodafone store on tuesday, and asked the man if he knew anything about the Panasonic x700, he said no, so then i said do you know anything about the Panasonic x701, he said no... Dunno wat's going on, might just get one off ebay if i have to.

  • Sleekdeke

Oh.. that's good to hear we can use PC's broadband over phone's bluetooth. I might just get the X700. I believe the X701 was made for Vodafone in UK, and thought it was out already. I've been told that the video bitrate at which you can playback video smoothly on the X700 is 100kb which is probably 15fps. I wonder whether smartmovie player can do better on the X700.

  • flamingsnot

there is a way of using your computer boradband with the phone, all you have to do is create a new access point in your connections setting, call it bluetooth dsl or something, set it as gprs, set the apn as the name of your computers bluetooth name, and leave all the other settings blank. then all you need to do is create the link between the phone and computer and there you have broadband on your phone. I've done it on my nokia 3650, and it works. btw, it's still not out in the UK :#

  • Sleekdeke

Really want to get this phone. But, heard the loudspeaker is too soft to be usable. Also, it would be nice if the X700 is capable of using the PC's internet connection via bluetooth, like the MPX220.

  • adam

which phone would be better, samsung e720 or panasonic x700

  • volexis

this phone absolutely too awesome. Those who says this phone isnt good ,he might be blind & unworthy to use this perfect phone

  • Panasonic Fan

I totally love this fone.. i tried it oledi.. and i really regreted tat i didnt buy this fone... instead i bought nokia... but my nokia also rox.. its actually better.. but this one is nice too.. i love it...

  • hello-moto

mr grand what r u trying say that x700 is a better phone compare to s700i n i think ur jealous that u dont own a s700i n i already tried x700 n it sucks man n symbian or bugs phone n s700i has radio n mp3 pure quality n 256k colour n own the phone for 3months n very happy with n recently brought z1010 n like it also n starting to fall in love with sony products n panasonic the paints wears faster than any other models n i own x70 last time n the paint came off suddenly even through i put in pouch to prevent this but still the same n no quality n cheap skate phone n mr grand if ur proud owner than good luck but dont be jealous of me man