Panasonic X800

Panasonic X800

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  • marshall

frey17, 22 Jun 2011That's my favorite phone, I want to buy it but where???how to reprogram that cell phone?


  • leslie

frey17, 22 Jun 2011That's my favorite phone, I want to buy it but where???i have this phone wanna sales...

  • LeeYokamatsu

battery life sucks.. I gave this to my friend... =)

  • frey17

That's my favorite phone, I want to buy it but where???

  • anton

my unit cant play MP3,wat tones capable to our unit...

  • basta

no traceg eftering gulag ko

  • Sarah

Does anyone have a # I can call to get the screen on this phone repaired? There is a crack on the screen so half of the interface is blacked out. Please email me @ for answers.

  • ryder

my panasonic x800 is trouble in start up restart please how to repair or use reset secret code???please send to mail,

  • Anonymous

i have my unit since 2005, and i really love it. when i got a message with a virus, i had my unit repaired but the most of the features were deleted and the panasonic center in mandaluyong said that the features can no longer be re-installed. how can all deatures be installed again? i dont want to get a new unit. please help me. thank you

  • cardel

my display for this phone is damagae can any one tell me where to get anotherone.

  • Anonymous

Can anyone help? When I try to send a text, it goes to the outbox and says "Resend at [a later time]"

Why does this happen?

  • jasbir singh

try feexplorer to delete them

  • Anonymous

how come when I get a file through bluetooth it goes to my text message inbox? how can I change the setting? And yeah the battery sucks!!!

  • Anonymous

Beauty is only it's appearance and not its interface!!

Really... it lags, horrible camera, and sucky battery.
Don't get this phone, the dealer at my place discontinued selling this product after so many complaints.
The seller even suggested me to not buy this phone.

  • mrs. zate

i forgot the code for my phone (x800).. i cant even use it now coz i need it to turn the phone on.. how can i deal with this problem?

  • ella

this phone is very good... i've used it since 2005... but i also have the same problem... sometimes when i switch it on, it will say failed and please contact your retailer... i have to repeated switch it on few times...
i also got prolem with my speaker... i found it hard to find the part in kk sabah, can anyone help me??

  • ashish

wen i turn my cell on it displays a message sayins 'phone failed to startup, contact retailer. it restarts and does the same over n over again. plizzzz help .. THANKZ IN ADVANCE. o i hav panasonic X800

  • shing pong

Rom when go the how when the rom go blink when no rom locate found destroy, please slip and fall down

  • Anonymous

Does anyone has the Chinese ROM, please help? Thank you.

  • Behonce

Should I sell this phone off because of the weak battery life, or just buy a new battery which cost Rm 98? I am thinking of getting a Shine...