Panasonic X800

Panasonic X800

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  • trizzy
  • vM7
  • 09 Jun 2007

so were do u get the WMA1.2 Player for the X800 from i looked at ebay n wats the battery that last longer n do u need the wma1.2 2 play mp3 on it if u no can u send me an e-mail

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    • pymplikeme
    • xTJ
    • 04 May 2007

    When I purchased this phone in Singapore, it worked wonderfully. But when I brought it back to the states, it was such a horrible experience. Mainy because the network connectivity to this phone is soooooo bad. It's hard to catch a signal with cingular on this phone. The design is wonderful. It has everything you need in a cell phone, but the battery time kinda sucks...Over all, I still love it because it's such an eye catcher...It's still sleeker and accompanying than most of these newer phones out there....

      • i
      • ishikawa
      • UDN
      • 22 Apr 2007

      what should i do if my phone show message: phone start up failed.
      can anybody help me???????????


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        • Inc
        • iX5
        • 07 Feb 2007

        how many MB of miniSD can be surpport by X800
        1G or 2G?

          • N
          • Nick
          • jEh
          • 31 Jan 2007

          I lost all my aplication, themes, ringtones and etc.Need GAMES to

          HELP ME

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • Lyy
            • 24 Jan 2007

            I've done a hard reset with command**7370# and I lost all my aplication, themes, ringtones and etc. Anyone could suggest me how recover them or at least part of that data? I could recognize you a fee if it would provide me that information. Contact me at: refragin (a)

              • c
              • cybermarshal
              • 4{Y
              • 05 Jan 2007

              fone loox great but the batterylife n drag time really suck
              got bluetooth but the battery can handle it n will b drained in no time

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • Pwb
                • 21 Dec 2006

                Yes, there is a extended battery of 1100mAh (versus 720mAh OEM battery)in brand LEO is taiwanese brand available from a taiwanese/chinese ebay seller
                I got my batteries and I'll post my opinion when I get my phone, that is coming now.

                  • r
                  • ramon
                  • iRD
                  • 25 Nov 2006

                  Great phone but battery life is too short for me even I have two of them. Someone know if there is an extended battery for this phone? If not I would return to my SMT5600.

                    • h
                    • henry
                    • F4p
                    • 12 Nov 2006

                    no it does nt support

                      • R
                      • RIco
                      • P2u
                      • 19 Oct 2006

                      does any one know if this phone can support a 2 gb mini sd card?

                      please a like to know with urgency!


                      please if any one know email me!



                        • r
                        • radhika
                        • PFt
                        • 18 Oct 2006

                        i have the panasonic x800 phone and i want to put the downloaded songs as ringtones?
                        Can someone help me out please.
               email to this address

                          • J
                          • Jaslyn
                          • F4p
                          • 09 Oct 2006

                          Yeah.. battery life is bad. Can only last a couple of hours. Sometimes it hangs when I send SMSes and I have to retype all over again. High battery / power consumption. Not very advisible to buy

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                            • chuang
                            • TSQ
                            • 08 Oct 2006

                            my opinion is... well although d design of x800 was cool but d worst is didnt supported mp3 forced 2 convert wav files, u know making
                            memory low.. also d battery sucks man! just playin a several songs, vids, games..
                            your batteries is low already... so if u guys
                            was interest at dis hp try 2 consider 1st over & over again.. make sure u guys wont regret 4 buyin dis hp.... tq:)

                              • S
                              • Sameer
                              • U2e
                              • 04 Oct 2006

                              This is the worst phone and is a paperweight at its best. The battery is really bad and lasts less than 3 hours. Also, the SMSes open up approx 10-15 secs after you have clicked. Also, it switches off and refuses to get turned on. Please do not buy even if they pay you to use it. on the other hand...a gift for the boss you hate :)

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • Tv3
                                • 02 Oct 2006

                                ONE WORD OF ADVICE:

                                STAY AWAY!!! really... no beatings around the bush, this phone SUCCKKKSSS!!!! big time. better buy a NOKIA s60 - it took nearly a minute to boot the phone from the moment I pressed ON and the rest if the story is just to painful to go on... my friend beloew is right BATTERY LIFE IS THE WORST!!! hadda charge it everyday... not with me anylonger of course, i went back to sony ericsson...

                                  • n
                                  • nurul
                                  • PIG
                                  • 26 Sep 2006

                                  you can just download the mp3 player software n then you can hear the music that u store.
                                  N i really agree that the battery was totally sucks..i have to spend my money on buy a new battery.

                                    • c
                                    • chris
                                    • PFM
                                    • 17 Sep 2006

                                    does anyone noe about its mp3 format??pls tell me if u noe

                                      • K
                                      • Kagaya
                                      • TC$
                                      • 04 Sep 2006

                                      The phone feature-wise is great but the battery totally sucks. I strongly disagree with the published spec of 230h of standby time. It can't even go any further than 24hrs!!! Maybe my battery got problem, it even hang while charging and a manual battery removal and restart is needed. I wonder why they used 720mAh battery for a Symbian phone!. This is technically unwise.

                                        • j
                                        • jake
                                        • 4Rr
                                        • 01 Sep 2006

                                        i have had this phone for 3 months but the phone kept on freezing and went pitch black so i have stoped using it for months and now it want turn on out all and i charged it but still it want turn on if anyone knows whats wrong pleas just e mail me a thank u very much