Parla Sonic 3.5S

Parla Sonic 3.5S

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  • Anonymous

This cell has absolutely zero app capacity (500 meg).
Soooo you can't download any applications!!
That kinda sucks.

  • J as JL

So, if you are looking for a great/cheap phone, you can get this one

  • J as JL

I think that as a economic phone it have great fetures

  • nuggetwasawarrioryay

Actually, best pone ever, camera rocks. It is wireless, so no cord. iy you are looking for a wireless mobile phone, buy it. i have owned iphone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6, this one is a keeper.

  • derposaurausrex

not a dinosaur, tis good pone, ok?

  • spivmaster

it is good, yeah