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  • Phil
  • HxE
  • 30 May 2020

Hello. I found this old mobile at the bottom of a drawer. He spent at least 10 years there. I put it in charge. It works well. It is a basic telephone which is only used for telephoning, SMS, MMS, without camera or WiFi, 3G. Finally a basic mobile phone that will reserve

    • j
    • james fuentes
    • RKn
    • 02 Feb 2009

    The last great phone philips ever made...everything went downhill after...

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      • AH
      • PWV
      • 09 Aug 2006

      Wow, thank GOD! I hunted high and low for this phone as my old 9@9c konked (LCD connector broke so I cannot view msgs). Had to rely on long-press #7 to return call to every person who had missed call. I managed to backed up my numbers using the connectivity software. Even to turn on data-modem was a challenge as I had to rely on memory to navigate to the function. I backed up the phone and after 5 days of searching, I was rewarded in finding the phone in Sungei Wang for RM299 (normal RM699). They were having a promotion in August. Bought the 9@98 for a whopping low of RM199 (normal RM469) for my dad. This phone is a cinch. Set to autonomy and activate auto off, it will last for weeks.
      Within a day of getting the phone, my contacts are back in it. Now to upgrade the software to ver#17 or higher.

        • J
        • Jaro
        • mDu
        • 03 Aug 2006

        This Phone has got a lot of advantages & disavantages. The Battery is Perfect, it holds up to 3 weeks. The design is also perfect, but the phone is a little bit Fat |to big for pocket|.
        Also I have got some problems by receiving calls. There are critical 2 secons in which the caller cannot hear me.
        The external display goes blank in 8 seconds, and to switch it on lasts for seconds - so it is a uncool.
        The voice of the caller is to low, I adjusted it for maximum, but still it is not adequate when you are outside. |I am not deaf|

          • S
          • ShinyG
          • nCF
          • 06 May 2006

          I've been using this phone for about one year and I must say it's the best phone I ever had. It's a real phone, not a bad camera with a speaker and mic attached to it ;)
          About 2 weeks of standby, hours and hours of talk time (and that's after 1 year of use...). Solid OS, good software, nice finnish, could be more durable though and did I mention battery time!?! :D
          Oh, and no pesky bluetooth to drain my battery :D

            • j
            • joonheen
            • inZ
            • 01 Mar 2006

            i've been using this phone 1 year 7 month...
            It's a good phone but the main problem is the Flexible cable inside the phone.this cable damaged twice after a period of using. This causes the main display not viewable. Maybe this is the disadvantage of using flip style form phone . For the future i will choose the candybar form. anyway it's good phone for communicating, messaging with great battery life. SIMPLE!!!

              • e
              • ergun
              • mut
              • 08 Feb 2006

              the only problems with this phone proper working temperatures and 1800mhz crystal. in a cold day dont try to use this phone outside it usually gives sim code error and there will be some dead-pixs on the screen...

                • e
                • ergun
                • mut
                • 08 Feb 2006

                using it for last 6 months. i'm talking ~2 hrs perday. average battery life for me 4-5 days. i'm so happy that i found a hp that has a batterylife more than 1 day:))

                  • V
                  • Vlad
                  • mYa
                  • 07 Feb 2006

                  Thank you, Shrek. I'll buy it, and i hope i will enjoy my new phone :)
                  I think it's perfect for a business man, who needs to talk on the phone a lot, without worring about recharging the battery.

                    • S
                    • Shrek
                    • PTn
                    • 02 Feb 2006

                    It can store more than 300 SMS in the archive folder. It depends on how much memory you devote to other folders like MMS, ringtones, pictures etc. If you use other folders minimally, then you ca probably store even 1000 SMSes.
                    Initially all SMSes are stored on your SIM card, i.e all messages in 'Read SMS' option in the SMS menu are present on your SIM card. You have to move to archive folder to transfer it to phone memory and thats when your 7 mb memory starts getting used.

                    Also do you know of any method by which I can make my SMS list display "Names" of people who sent the SMS rather than content of SMS. Currently when you go to "Read Sms" folder you see the SMS content and when you highlight a particular message, then you can see message content scrolling towards the list. What I need is, to display the name of the SMS sender, rather than the SMS content.
                    If you know of any solution, then please let me know.

                    If there is anything else then please let me know


                      • V
                      • Vlad
                      • mYa
                      • 01 Feb 2006

                      I have litle question: how many sms's can it remember?

                      I'm wondering, because i don't know the 7mb what are for. for the agenda and the sms list? for what else?
                      how many sms's can it remember?

                      10x in advance

                        • S
                        • Shrek
                        • PTn
                        • 27 Jan 2006

                        I have a Philips Xenium 9@9C or Philips 650 (which ever way you prefer to call it). Like I have read in some of the earlier dicsussions, when I press the side buttons without opening the flap, my OLED screen does not display anything. Neither am I able to cut a call without opening the phone. Is there a solution to this problem.

                        Also in my inbox (SMS) I am not able to view the name of the sender. I have to open the message to see who is the sender. Before the opening the SMS I can only see the contents of the SMS scrolling, but not the name of the sender. Can anybody tell me how can anybody tell me the settings to show me the name of the sender.

                        I am happy with other features of the phone.
                        Thanking you in advance, Bye

                          • s
                          • svi79
                          • MCU
                          • 07 Dec 2005

                          Well i have this phone for allmost one year now. After a repair in the verry beginning and a software upgrade, i must say, the verry best phone ever made! Battery lasts for ever, the most stable software ever seen, strong phone,droped it sevral times verry hard, but it keeps on working. Thinking of buying the 9@9i or 9@9e.

                          One thing for this one, get sw version 17 or higer at your philips service station.

                            • v
                            • vlad
                            • mAP
                            • 05 Dec 2005

                            excelent,briliant autonomy....but a little bit slow in menu and low hearing volume...overall a very,very good phone for 130eur free price in store.Vlad.Romania

                              • O
                              • Olatoye Okesola
                              • a2P
                              • 15 Nov 2005

                              I just got this phone - Philips 650. I like it; especially the generous battery life, and I want to keep it. But It keeps dropping calls - people canot get through to me, and when I want to place a call, I keep getting 'call failed' messages.

                              Can any one help me throgh? I am on T-mobile service carrier. I will appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.

                                • A
                                • AH
                                • 2IJ
                                • 27 Oct 2005

                                Hi, guys
                                When I make a call or receive a call on P650, there is an area look like a photo on inner screen, may be for photo call. But it's look annoying if this number does not have assigned photo.
                                Can any body help how can turn off this feature?
                                Thanks guys,

                                  • d
                                  • dave
                                  • PSP
                                  • 27 Oct 2005

                                  I just got it back from the Philips authorised service centre in Sunway. They have upgraded sw to ver17; the only new thing I see in here is sms chat which wasn't in ver11 I think.

                                  The reception quality improves somewhat esp since I'm in a marginal signal area.

                                  It solves some this annoying bug I experienced where sometimes phone powers off when I close the clamshell after a call.

                                    • s
                                    • steven
                                    • PVg
                                    • 24 Oct 2005

                                    To : Mike
                                    Thanks for the answers bro.i doubt the memory coz i have 9@9++,the memory status shows 79% free,but i can't add a new phone number,right now,i can't open my sms archive...what a philips..hahaha..

                                      • w
                                      • wanderer_mike
                                      • Mvr
                                      • 24 Oct 2005

                                      For Steven:

                                      It's a sharing memory, but anyway you have about 6 Mb there.
                                      Once you get a message, you can do what you want whith it.
                                      Enjoy !

                                        • A
                                        • AH
                                        • 2IJ
                                        • 22 Oct 2005

                                        Hi guys,
                                        Could anybody help me please, how to export the phonebook from this phone to PC? Any accesories required?