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Philips Diga

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  • Chiggy
  • KSi
  • 03 Nov 2022

My mom had this phone. It was the 1st cellphone in the family. After all these years and scores of phone used, I still remember this. Had a robust battery and fun to hold.

    • S
    • Stim
    • N70
    • 21 Nov 2019

    My first phone. Good apart from the annoying forced rolled text on sms messages. It could've been optional to skip to the next screen with a button instead of the rolling text.

      • c
      • cross
      • gyx
      • 09 Jan 2019

      Sara, 26 May 2016My first mobile phone! Loved it!mine too !

        • B
        • Bertl
        • njc
        • 07 Dec 2017

        It always was running !

          • S
          • Sara
          • s0a
          • 26 May 2016

          My first mobile phone! Loved it!

            • a
            • averhielle
            • Kg%
            • 03 Dec 2014

            Rohan, 22 Jun 2013My First mobile phone set has the hardest bo... morelooks like bosch com 207.

              • A
              • Abunasib
              • MEv
              • 22 Oct 2014

              That could catch network anywhere. We used to call it a nutcracker, a spatula or a flykiller then. Good old days.....

                • R
                • Rohan
                • YW2
                • 22 Jun 2013

                My First mobile phone set has the hardest body ever.......I even once used it to hummer in a pin into my school bench

                  • D
                  • AnonD-139823
                  • ys}
                  • 26 Apr 2013

                  First phone as well back in 1998 on the Eircell (now Vodafone) network. First thing I did was take off that hideous slide. Couldn't use SMS as it was a Bill Pay feature and I was Pre-pay or Ready To Go as it was called. Cost me IR£129, which would be €169 now. Mobiles were very expensive back then.

                    • S
                    • Shekhar
                    • bCb
                    • 18 Apr 2013

                    it was really a superb one, my 1st mobile in 1998, really miss it

                      • O
                      • Ozy
                      • 3q5
                      • 22 Mar 2013

                      My first mobile phone ever :-)

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                        • AnonD-8044
                        • nEG
                        • 12 Jul 2012

                        Just browsing back through the good old days of proper mobile phones..This was my first mobile and brilliant mobile it was in 1998..Todays boring souless slab full touch type mobiles i hate..I cant wait till clamshells return with D-Pad for precision movement and real send/end buttons.

                        Bring back high end button phones. :-)

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • 39x
                          • 15 May 2012

                          My first ever phone back in 1999, and i was so proud i always had it on display attached to my belt.

                            • b
                            • bashar
                            • Iaj
                            • 16 Feb 2012

                            it was the first mobile set of my life
                            i was so excited

                              • L
                              • Lauren Williams
                              • mX1
                              • 17 Sep 2011

                              ohmiigawd i love this phone so much, i was so excited when i realised my mum had bought it me this christmas. its little buttons are so soft and rubbery, i get perfect grip for when im teletexting all my favourite pals. i love how its in tw-tone colour, its so cute! i love my new interchangable Barbie covers than came free with it. The functions are AMAZING and i can attach a clip on the side and attach it to my trousers so i don't loose it... THIS PHONE IS TO DIE FOR. also, i have a massive ariel so i can send texts quicker, and dial out quicker because my phone is closer to the sky than everyone elses. MUST BUY!!

                                • g
                                • gexas
                                • M@X
                                • 17 Jun 2010

                                Marius, 18 Nov 2009I still have mine too. My very first Cellulaar Phone!! A... moreHi
                                Charger to this phone is fit from nokia.
                                I talk about this small, tiny charger adapter newest model, not from nokia 3310, but some like Nokia N71 etc..

                                  • M
                                  • Marius
                                  • fw7
                                  • 18 Nov 2009

                                  OLTI, 07 Dec 2007it was a great phone, I bought one in 2000, 3 years after h... moreI still have mine too. My very first Cellulaar Phone!!

                                  As far as my memory goes, it still worked when I replaced it, but the battery went down the tubes. Unfortunately the charger is missing. Does anybody know what the charger specs are - Voltage, amps etc.?

                                  Maybe I can blow some life into this old workhorse just for fun. (The kids will die of embarrassment if I should whip this one out when their friends are visiting!!!)

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • nGx
                                    • 31 Oct 2009

                                    J, 04 Sep 2008Had one, loved it. Don't now if it is still working. Send i... morei sent mine in for the tsunami appeall it was my first fone in 1998..memories,,memories

                                      • K
                                      • Konstantin (Lithuani
                                      • nH{
                                      • 20 Oct 2009

                                      It was my first cell phone 10 years ago...

                                        • v
                                        • vincent
                                        • vGt
                                        • 20 Sep 2009

                                        the ultimate mobile divice which i used 10 year back, no problem mobile