Philips X100

Philips X100

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  • Anonymous
  • gF%
  • 28 Mar 2012

The weight of X100 is not 52.7 g but about 76 g.

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    • Anonymous
    • gFW
    • 23 Mar 2012

    The weight of X100 is about 77 g. and not 52.7 g.

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      • Anonymous
      • d@p
      • 11 Mar 2012

      It's a good phone but it hasn't Java as stated in specs here!

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        • whats his name
        • pFt
        • 21 Jan 2012

        Very good phone. Using it already for 7 months. I'm using it as an addition to my smartphone. Only using it for calls and for keeping my old SIMs online and "alive". The battery life is golden - about 2 weeks in standby mode. The design is ok, also its very small and easy to carry with me anywhere. But i wish it was little thinner. Also its cheap.


        1. Menus are kinda slow, when using, you will feel a little delays (maybe 100-200 milliseconds), but after 10 minutes I got used it and its not a problem anymore

        2. I still don't know a good way to export/import all contacts. Typing all of them manually is a pain in the arse. Thats one big disappointment in this phone.

        There are no bluetooth, cant connect to pc as a storage, no camera and whatever else is missing. But in such phone I dont really need those. As I said, im using it as a secondary and only as a phone dialer. And it does what I want from it perfectly. Good signal reception, good ringtone volume (btw it can play mp3s). Also its good built quality. So make your choice, good luck with it.

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          • nvk
          • uj4
          • 30 Jun 2011

          just got Philips X100 because of its beauty, compact and long long lìe battery. maine is silver but I love black one. Wonderfull phone.

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            • Tozgrec
            • Mf5
            • 08 Feb 2011

            The highest SAR value for this Philips X100 model phone when tested for compliance against the standard was 0.986 W/kg for ICNIRP recommendation.

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              • Sam
              • MBI
              • 12 Jan 2011

              icsu, 18 Dec 2010U mean a copy of E51 black ;)Does 52.7 gr include a the battery inside???

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                • icsu
                • pkG
                • 18 Dec 2010

                Anonymous, 15 Feb 2010How the heck did design get 7.3 I really don't know - Guys,... moreU mean a copy of E51 black ;)

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                  • Vic
                  • T3X
                  • 03 Dec 2010

                  Not bad! Dual phone. But it is from China (see Wikipedia - Philips). The trade mark for cel. phones was sold to company from China. Quite good phone!

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                    • Sumudu
                    • wMH
                    • 01 Dec 2010

                    Voice recoding can be 3min. and 6sec. only. how can set the unlimited voice recoding time?

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                      • Mike
                      • ptP
                      • 16 Nov 2010

                      My Xenium x100 does have only 1.5 day of standby in Dual-SIM modus and only about 3days on single SIM-modus. That's not as promised by Philips. Additionally the phone's interface is really really slow!

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                        • Andrew
                        • TRR
                        • 13 Oct 2010

                        himansu3107, 11 Oct 2010Friends, Is it this phone is dual sim, dual standby & ... moreFriends, Is it this phone is dual sim (yes but both is GSM 900/1800 ONLY) , dual standby (YES or u can select only standby only Sim 1 or Sim 2) & dual active (YES)...
                        More good reception then Samsung D880

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                          • himansu3107
                          • utT
                          • 11 Oct 2010

                          Is it this phone is dual sim, dual standby & dual active?
                          Anybody reply me, thanks in advance.

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                            • Andrew
                            • 9Cx
                            • 11 Oct 2010

                            Can save 230 SMS , good receipt...good battery

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                              • Nat
                              • 3sY
                              • 15 Sep 2010

                              Is it a china mobile?

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                                • VN_Newbuy
                                • vN4
                                • 10 Sep 2010

                                Anonymous, 25 May 2010had it for about a month ,the battery is good ,but the num... moreI have just bought one ! it's not good as ads. Haizzaa ! sad :-( !

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • vV1
                                  • 25 May 2010

                                  had it for about a month ,the battery is good ,but the number key is very small ,and had the "off" key fixed by the service center

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                                    • Pancho
                                    • TCv
                                    • 16 May 2010

                                    This phone is extremely light at 52.7g.

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                                      • Ivan
                                      • niS
                                      • 07 Apr 2010

                                      had it for one week.
                                      very basic 2 sim phone.
                                      Slow interface, no way to transfer contacts (only via SIM card).
                                      Otherwise great choice for secondary (travel) phone with very good battery life.

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                                        • bbc067
                                        • 3W@
                                        • 06 Mar 2010

                                        This is NOT Philips
                                        Just Chinaphone. You can get a lot from HK shops