Philips X800

Philips X800

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  • RC

Hey guys, I've just got the X800 and it is great. The battery life is excellent. I bought the phone on Wednesday where the battery is only 2/3. Then I input the phonebook and play it for 2 days, the battery still got a half. Don't understand why Nokia and Samsung can't make longer battery life.

The software is fast and smooth and the phone is small and light. It has all basic functions. Although it is not a smartphone, no wifi, GPS and 3G, it costs only USD250 whereas other smartphone costs a double. You can pay more to get a phone with 3G, wifi and GPS, but you should think whether these things are useful to you.

The disadvantage of the phone is the detailed setting. For example, you can only add 5 owned MP3 as ringtone. The screen is not as sharp as samsung's. The overall setting is not as fancy as Nokia's.

However, for me these are not a problem. My only concern is the battery life. I hate to charge my mobile everyday especially when you are on business trip.

  • chester

AL, 01 Sep 2008super ! thanks for your quick response !I bought this phone few days ago in Hongkong for $1850hkd = 127uk. I highly recommand this phone to you guys. The touch screen is very nice and clear, battery life is amazing, I used this phone for 5 full days and the battery life is 56%. the phone comes with nice philips headphones, screen procecter and micro sd card. The selling price is very good and i believe this phone will have huge success. :D

  • AL

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2008@AL It's available on eBay and YesAsia for about 280super ! thanks for your quick response !

  • Anonymous

It's available on eBay and YesAsia for about 280

  • Roland G

Philips X800 Great finishing Great Quality, Battery life 35 days ! clear audio and video.
This can really kill iphone

I got it from my contact from HK. My friends in Delhi are waiting for its launch in India, which does not seem possible as no communication and advertisements in Indian media

  • Raajsekharan

This cell is really amazing. In India internet can ve available from many sources , You can choose any service provider. For wifi services extra charges are taken. I have seen this cell . Excellent quality of audio and video. Fantastic battery life, compared to iphone this is easier to handle. In iphone you can not change battery just throw your cell. I do have apple iphone but I feel more comfortable with X800. One Can buy two X800 instead of one iphone. It has better Quality and finishing than apple. This is fact !!!!!

  • Joseph

Just ordered this phone, will let you know correct specs when received.

  • Anonymous

Can it play Youtube videos on the internet?

  • scandor

there is FM radio on 9@9z, 9@9k, 9@9u, 9@9h, philips 199 and also on the here featured x800.

  • AL

there is now a video on youtube from this Philips X800, , looks pretty cool and fast.....

  • marc

Anyone here who already have this phone? All photos on the internet are different and even the official photos from the philips website are fake (frontcam and high resolution vector icons).. Can someone make some pictures or a video and send it to wazoomie-hotmail-com?

How about the features? On some photos the screen is rotated 90*. Is this possible? And how about the sms window, is there an onscreen keyboard? Thanks

  • Fattah

Nice cell phon, that's my first choice if I change my currently cell phon

  • maso

po, 17 May 2008This IS NOT a philips phone, they sold their mobile phone busine... moreare about ten years that cec make philips phone with sangfei(a joint venture philips cec)

  • Anonymous

Dilip Jaiswal, 17 Jul 2008 I dont understand why this model or philips model is not havin... moreI found there is actually FM radio on this phone, and also on the 9@9z, 9@9k. Very good phone for its price!

  • Dilip Jaiswal

I dont understand why this model or philips model is not having FM Radio which I suppose should have been a basic feature but is not available in any of the line of Philips

  • Anonymous

if you just want a good looking phone for calling only, this is an option to consider


nO GPS.... wat a big waste

  • hoangtien

elegant design, sensitive touch screen, basic function (2MP camera + Mp3 player), that's what I'm looking for!
I dont wanna pay for the features I don't need such as wifi, HSDPA or more network features cuz Vietnamese telecommunication isn't that modern :D
anyway, want to know when X800 will be released and where I could buy it?

  • Dave

The feature set on this phone might be low...but what other phone with a screen this big has battery life this good? honestly...all i really need is a large screen with good battery life. and this phone delivers it. If you want wifi and everything else phillips has another phone that is pretty similar but better specs. This phone is for people like me who dont want to pay for features they dont need. :) get it?

  • Jona

Beautiful design - I wished the Samsung Omnia was designed like this - but abyssmal feature list.

This is a real pitty. The price must be pretty low then I guess - as a good-looking low-end phone it can pass