Philips Xenium 9@9u

Philips Xenium 9@9u

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  • Anonymous

Seem like philips really droped the western Europe market, i never saw any mobile of philips again...Shame, because they´re so appealing, and perform rather well...
Do you know any website to buy them?

  • Andre

Available in Beijing now.I'm going to get one after work(aboutus$190).I'm really appreciate with the longlife battery and good looking

  • user

they are allready in stores in russia.
to bad,that philips is not soldin baltic region .seems to be good phone

  • Anonymous

how philips the java file type?
only jad or jad and jar?

can copy from pc to phone with BT and data cable without wap site?

if can be, i'm buying this phone...

  • The Truth

Hans, where did you buy this phone? It just came out & not yet available. People on this site are such liars, it's unbelievable. Another thing, as far as data speeds, it only comes witht the ever slow GPRS, not Edge, not 3G or any of the high speed data options.

Stop lying.

  • Raaj

This seems to be one of the best product of Philips. We do not understand why such products are not marketed in India. In India percentage of brand loyality is very high.
If this Phone made available in Mumbai it will definitely capture large share.
At what cost and where in India will it be available ?

  • Pablo

All the updates are grate Mp3 etc, buy the design that gray part in the middle i don't like it, looks like a perfume , if that was like black like something more future like the black part of the playstation 3

  • djmuzi

I associate Philips phones with huge standby, 2 month is enough. my phone has max. 3 days tandby.

  • Hans

This phone comes with EDGE, 2MP camera, Long battery life and good looks, Micro SD card slot for expansion and plays good MP3 music. So if thats waht you are looking for...this is it.....i like it, just bought one and serves its purpose.

  • Anonymous

This phone has 512MB of internal memory and not 25MB

  • Makani.

Phillips?well according 2 ma opinion,i think it's just edge,no infrared,no 3g,no wifi.this phone looks good but has nothing.come on phillips,this is 2008.gprs is slow and old and has no style.i own a preety strong iron made by phillips,atlist av got somthing to smile about with viewing and writting this opinion with my sonyericsson w850.i think that kinda gives u a clue of what am into.

  • andry

i wonder why Philips never made 3G-enabled Xenium mobile phone?
with those batteries, we can benefit the 3G hi-speed connection for a bit longer time.

  • Sparky

I like the design :) cooool

  • Anonymous

not a bad phone, go LBM!!!
Atlantic Point all the way!!!!

  • Anonymous

doesnt look that good looks very old lbm till i die danny b & danny h woz ere

  • Anish

Looks Good

  • One

16M screen would consume more from his battery. 256 is enough, anyway

  • Duke

Iz obvious it is good ya!

  • Anonymous

Great!!! Preparing to sell my SE for this fone. 9@9k form with these whole features would be better though..

  • flavor

i just tried to compare this phone with SE K750i cos not much different for their specs.Philips has bigger screen, longlife battery for its stand-by only (but beated for its talk time) + Bluetooth A2DP. If the price is much higher than SE K750i, i would prefer choose SE K750i for its better camera result.... But I really like Philips design on this type, sleek & simple. Nice...