Pixel 2 XL touchscreen has dead spots around the edges

Prasad, 13 November 2017

Some Google Pixel 2 XL users are reporting an issue with their touchscreen not responding to touches around the edges. Several users have complained on Google's official forum and some have even documented it in a video.

It seems the phone is ignoring inputs right at the side edges to prevent accidental touches but is doing so quite aggressively, to the point where even intentional touches are now being ignored.

Google has taken a note of the issue and has confirmed on its forum that it is looking into it and will be addressing it in a future OTA update.

The smaller Pixel 2 is seemingly unaffected by this.

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  • Anonymous

So when are they gunna firesale these flops?

Or maybe because you know... Google owns the biggest advertising network online, Google AdWords, and they can promote their device for almost free? (Even if they pay 500G$, the cash goes to...? 1% to websites and the rest to Google). I haven't see...