Pixel 4 eye detection fix for face unlock on the way, says Google

Michail, 21 October 2019

Google was in the spotlight last week with the introduction of the brand new Pixel 4 lineup. The two phones mark the first time in the Pixel era that Google decided to ditch the fingerprint scanner in favor of face unlock and it did not come without its issues. Soon after the launch, early Pixel 4 users reported that their devices would unlock even when their eyes are closed, which could be a security issue for many.

Pixel 4 eye detection fix for face unlock on the way says Google

Now, Google has issued a statement that claims a software fix is coming but there’s no exact date specified yet. In addition, the company is backing down its face unlock and says it meets all biometric security requirements. For those users who are still skeptical, Google suggests opting for the “lockdown” feature which requires a pin/pattern or password to get into the phone after long pressing the power button.

Pixel 4 face unlock Pixel 4 face unlock
Pixel 4 face unlock system

The Pixel 4’s face unlock system relies on 3D facial depth mapping which is much more secure than using the regular front-facing camera. Omitting the attention requirement however is highly vulnerable as someone could just point the phone at your face and get in. If all goes well Google should offer the eye detection fix in the coming months.



Reader comments

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ5LnY21Hgc Here is what China does to you... I prefer google ;)

I've come to the point where i believe every bug google has is just an excuse to make an update. To make them looks like they "hear" their customer's complaint.

Do you use youtube? why? google is bad... And why China should go outside? China is good?

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