Pixel 6 Pro brings Google into DxOMark's top 10

Ivan, 04 November 2021

DxOMark is done with its assessment of the Google Pixel 6 Pro's cameras and it ranked the phone in its top 10. The breakdown is 143 for photo, 71 for zoom and 115 for video, rounding up a 135 score, which sits the Pro Pixel just beneath the Mate 40 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

In their testing, DxOMark liked the Google Pixel 6 Pro's detail levels in all lighting conditions, its wide dynamic range and its great texture performance at long-range.

Fine detail preservation in particular was measured as exceeding the iPhone 13 Pro and Huawei's P50 Pro in the same lighting conditions.

Drawbacks include the narrow depth of field, which is inherent in cameras with such a big sensor, especially in low light. Noise was present in lower-lit environments and the ultrawide camera's relatively regular 16mm equivalent.

Pixel 6 Pro brings Google into DxOMark's top 10

We too have an evaluation of the Pixel 6 Pro's cameras, including a look at their Night Mode performance in our detailed review.

Pixel 6 Pro brings Google into DxOMark's top 10



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I'm amazed that people still use google apps. you must be american, or you simply don't care about the extra battery life that gets sucked out when you use google apps.

If you can say that S21 ultra images are fantastic, you obviously have no photography knowledge that we can hold a meaningful discussion about.

let me get this right. you go around dissing all the photographers who say that S21 cameras are bad, and you claim that there's no photographers that say it's bad. Next you point out a tech channel that is NOT a photography channel and yo...

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