Pixel 9's satellite SOS interface is in the works, here's what it looks like now

Peter, 15 April 2024

Android 15 Developer Preview 2 introduced native support for satellite messaging and Google appears to be working on a bespoke UI for the upcoming Pixel 9 series. @Nail_Sadykov shared a look at how the system will work.

Like Apple’s implementation, you will have to point the phone at the satellite with a UI to help you aim. This starts off in full screen, but you can minimize it to see other apps as well. The goal is to keep the satellite icon inside the circle to ensure a good connection.

You will need to get out in the open first for a clear view of the sky as buildings, mountains and even trees can blog t he signal. The app will ask you a few questions that are designed to give emergency services a clear picture of what went wrong and how they can help.

Aiming for the satellite Minimized view A reminder to get out in the open
Aiming for the satellite • Minimized view • A reminder to get out in the open

It appears that like the Apple system, this will only be used in case of emergency, the feature is called “Emergency SOS”. Also, it will require carrier support (never mind that this will be used when outside of network coverage).

T-Mobile is the name that gets mentioned, but Google Fi is an MVNO on the T-Mobile network, so hopefully Google will support the new feature on its own carrier.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 22 Apr 2024
  • Ibx

LOL! That was genuinely funny.

  • raj
  • 17 Apr 2024
  • vbe

"They" will be able to better track you now!

  • ok
  • 16 Apr 2024
  • S37

The future is a plate on the head, vr goggles and a strange suite

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