Poco F1 successor confirmed to launch this quarter

Michail, 23 January 2020

With all the hype around the newly independent Poco brand, many are wondering when we’ll see the true successor to the legendary Pocophone F1. Luckily, Poco India’s General Manager Manmohan Chandolu spilled some interesting details in a series of interviews.

Poco F1 successor confirmed to launch in the current quarter

The most important bit of information is the potential launch date for the new Poco device which is confirmed to come by March this year. In addition, Chandolu reiterated the brand’s focus on delivering value-for-money smartphones with “high-end SoCs” and “large amounts of RAM”. In terms of software, the new smartphones will still rely on MIUI for Poco.

Poco F1 successor confirmed to launch in the current quarter

Chandolu also explained that Poco will still utilize Xiaomi’s robust supply chain and will even store user data in its parents' data centers. After-sales services will also be done through Xiaomi’s channels.

Poco F1 successor confirmed to launch in the current quarter

Initially, Poco will operate in the online space but is planning to establish its offline channels down the road. As far as the global ambitions of the brand, Chandolu reiterated that for now, Poco is focused on the Indian market and the international expansion will take more time.

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You're not alone, I also think the same.

  • Abhi@F1

Ok, Don't buy it then. Do not judge other by the brand logo @ the back of a phone Or just Be a happy iSheep and spend hard earned (I might be wrong here!) money on things that don't really matter at all.

  • Abhi@F1

They never advertised "quality", they advertised "Speed" - They delivered what was said. Nothing wrong in doing that. You see others were launching glass phones with mid-entry level SoC but Poco did opposite. I will again repeat my decision of opting...