Poco M2 Pro spotted in Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance databases

Michail, 21 May 2020

Earlier this month we came across a listing for the Poco M2 Pro, the upcoming midrange entry into the revived Poco brand. It came with the M2003J6CI model number and the “gram” codename and now the same phone was spotted on the Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG databases.

Poco M2 Pro Bluetooth SIG listing
Poco M2 Pro Bluetooth SIG listing

The Bluetooth SIG listing shows us that the phone runs MUI 11 and comes with Bluetooth 5.0. Interestingly the Declaration ID for the phone matches that of the Redmi Note 9 models.

Poco M2 Pro Wi-Fi Alliance listing
Poco M2 Pro Wi-Fi Alliance listing

The “gram” kernel source code also matches that of the Note 9 Pro, leading us to believe the Poco M2 Pro might just be a rebadged Note 9 Pro. The Wi-Fi Alliance listing on the other hand shows the phone is running Android 10 with MIUI 11 on top and supports dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Reader comments

  • flashash

its not even 5g - could have used 768g or any of the new 5g socs, note 9 max is there which uses 720g and not even in stock... what the point of using the same? they should better concentrate on meeting its demand - open it for normal sale rather t...

  • Anonymous

It is rebranded redmi note 9 pro or something. Poco is (i think), now, value brand for European / global market. As tech nerd in India, years back, i had met normies who thought redmi is a separate brand, not a budget lineup under the brand of ...

  • hmm

Whats the point to launch it with Miui 11 when the 12 is pretty much out soon. Like next month is coming out for some devices already.

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