Poco M4 Pro review

GSMArena Team, 1 April 2022.

Design, build quality, handling

Despite the handful of replaced bits, the Poco M4 Pro isn't a hugely different-looking smartphone compared to the 5G version. That's largely thanks to the deliberately accentuated camera island that's become something of a defining trait of recent Pocos.

Poco M4 Pro reviewPoco M4 Pro (left) next to M4 Pro 5G

Having said that, on the 5G version we were looking at just a matte black paintjob of an accent, with only the actual camera portion raised up from the back. Here, things have been taken a notch up, and the M4 Pro's oversized plate takes up the entire top quarter of the back and evokes Mi 11 Ultra vibes - minus the display and industry-leading cameras inside, of course. The Poco X4 Pro shares this design as well.

For a more conservatively styled take on a similar set of hardware, you can have a look at the Redmi 11S, arguably the Poco M4 Pro's closest relative from the sister brand.

Poco M4 Pro reviewPocos, left to right: X4 Pro 5G, M4 Pro, M4 Pro 5G

The phone's rear panel is made of plastic and has a glossy finish. That only applies to the Phantom Black colorway of our review unit, however, with both the Cool Blue and signature Poco Yellow sporting satin finished back panels. We reckon they will definitely do a better job of keeping fingerprints at bay - this one is way too welcoming to them. On the flipside, the other colorways will likely be more slippery than the black one - the bundled case is the universal equalizer.

Poco M4 Pro review

The exposed parts of the midframe are plastic as well, and they do have a matte treatment. The sides are nicely flat, offering ample gripping area.

The right side of the phone is home to the power button, with a capacitive fingerprint sensor embedded. We found it to work equally well with either the left index finger or the right thumb, and it's one of the easier ones to access with the left digit, thanks to its relatively lower position.

As is usual on MIUI smartphones, you get the option to require a press for fingerprint recognition, which should help with accidental touches.

The volume rocker is above the fingerprint reader, and all three operate with reassuring click action.

Poco M4 Pro review

On the opposite side of the phone, you'll find the card slot. It's a most versatile variant and will accommodate two nano SIMs and a microSD at the same time, if you have use for all three. Note the gasket - it's part of the measures ensuring the IP53 rating for splash resistance.

Poco M4 Pro review

Two more features us older folk tend to appreciate can be spotted on the top of the phone - a 3.5mm headphone jack and an infrared emitter. Also here you'll find a secondary mic and the loudspeaker grille of the top speaker/earpiece.

The USB-C port is down on the bottom, joined by the primary loudspeaker and the primary mic. We seem to remember preferring this region for our headphone jacks, but a top-mounted one remains better than none.

Headphone jack and IR emitter up top - Poco M4 Pro review USB-C port on the bottom - Poco M4 Pro review
Headphone jack and IR emitter up top • USB-C port on the bottom

The front of the phone sees the 6.43-inch OLED display surrounded by nicely slim bezels - for a phone in this price bracket, that is. Budget considerations still allowed for a layer of Gorilla Glass 3, or at least our press materials say so, even if the official specs remain mum about it. There's still a factory-applied plastic screen protector, just in case.

Poco M4 Pro review

The selfie camera is in a punch-hole cutout in the top center, and that too is pretty small. The earpiece, meanwhile, gets a tiny mesh where the display glass meets the frame.

Poco M4 Pro review

The Poco M4 Pro measures 159.9 x 73.9 x 8.1 mm and weighs 180g, making it one of the just barely more compact offerings in the segment, alongside a Galaxy A32 and a handful of ever so slightly different Redmi Note 11s (and smaller than the other half of them, there's a dozen).

Poco M4 Pro review

The 6.43-inch display is hardly limiting in size next to 6.7-inch competitors, while the extra bulk of going up a size can be felt if you're trying to shave millimeters. Then again, if you don't mind the 25-ish grams of added heft and larger footprint, it's hard to argue with a bigger display.

Poco M4 Pro review

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  • Joseph
  • 15 Dec 2023
  • r3b

My speaker, one is not functioning properly, and because of that it's affecting both my earpiece and my wireless Bluetooth. Please what is the solution, because am about to format my phone to see if that will fix the problem

  • Devlin dhan
  • 03 Sep 2023
  • x{6

Im a new user of pocco m4 in the beggining i se it not much friendly use to me because im a huawei user but i trying pocco m4 for a change i buy it but no other freebies no charger no head phone only cable charge included im a mistaken buyer

I am in the UK and had a text from vodafone UK telling me my poco m4 pro isn't 4g compatible for calls when the 3g ends, but when i checked on their phone model & make drop down it doesn't list it under the Xiomi phones so followed thei...