Poco X3 Pro was the best-selling phone in Europe during Black Friday

Yordan, 02 December 2021

Senior Xiaomi executive Lu Weibing revealed on social media that Poco X3 Pro was a massive success in Europe. The device was the best-selling smartphone on Amazon in six key Western European markets - Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, the United Kingdom.

Mr. Lu accompanied the image with a text proudly announcing that Poco has developed rapidly in 2021.

Poco X3 Pro was the best-selling phone in Europe during Black Friday

The phone itself was definitely a steal and we understand why it was such a success during Black Friday. Poco X3 Pro started selling for €249 or €299 in March 2021, but for Black Friday it was massively discounted - users could get either the 6/128 GB variant for €179 or the 8/256 GB for about €200-€220.

Source | Via (both in Chinese)


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let me repeat please: a) the in-app option is there, b) it IS Set, c) it still shows ads when I pick premium themes i've been a happy ad free customer with All my previous xiaomi phones (and there had been/are many of those used), and all h...

  • Anonymous

You have option in Themes, also, to turn off ads, like in Security, Cleaner, Music Download File Manager, it only take 1 min, but you need to know where to look (first).

i do know, and on my x3 nfc, note4x, note 8 pro, note 9 i have zero, nada nothing. exact same steps were followed on my x3 pro and the premium themes come up with ads

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