Podcasts are coming to YouTube Music

Like many of its contemporaries, YouTube Music will soon be adding podcasts to its library of audio and video content. YouTube's head of podcasting, Kai Chuk, confirmed to The Verge that the feature is arriving "in the near future."

Podcasts will be available to all users, free or Premium, and free tiers will get the usual ad-supported playback with background audio support. Audio-first shows will also get a special podcast badge to highlight them.

“If someone wants to watch a podcast, we have a solution,” Chuk said. “If someone wants to listen to a podcast only, we should have a great experience for that as well.”

YouTube currently isn't looking at adding exclusive shows or licensed originals. Instead, it claims to focus on its creators and YouTube users.


Reader comments

Idk why, but is that possible that they will just move Google Podcasts to YouTube Music? There's no way Google has two different podcasts streaming services, one of them should be merged into the another one.

Because Spotify, as a music-streaming service also has their built-in podcasts.

  • AnonD-1037771

Termux app using mpv + youtube-dl. You can play the audio in the background 😎