Pokemon Go hits 500 million downloads milestone

Himanshu, 08 September, 2016

Mobile-gaming sensation Pokemon Go has hit yet another milestone - it has been installed over 500 million times worldwide. This was revealed by the Pokemon Company and Niantic in an official press release earlier today.

"The phenomenal success of Pokemon GO during the brand’s 20-year celebration is an incredible reminder of how many people around the world love Pokemon," said Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pokemon Company.

Niantic's CEO John Hank also commented saying, "We are encouraged by the fast adoption of the game and are pleased to see so many people walk and play every day." Launched in July, the game is also coming to the Apple Watch later this year.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Well, at least people who created this games had $caching$ on their hands before the game faded... They still have also their ideas and talent and who knows??? How about you???

  • haha

dont think so.. and ill laugh at you if you play it again after the next coming updates hahaha

  • Anonymous

Actually l did not, l only read the headline and added my comment. That's it.

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