Possible sighting of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 at Geekbench shows Snapdragon 662 chipset

Peter, 14 July 2020

A Samsung tablet – possibly the Galaxy Tab A 7.0 – surfaced on Geekbench with an unknown Qualcomm chipset. The tablet, SM-T505, runs Android 10 and has 3 GB of RAM, which suggests this is a more affordable model.

What chipset is it using, though? It’s listed as “Bengal” and has an octa-core CPU clocked at 1.8 GHz. This is one of several recent chips from Qualcomm: Bengal, Lagoon, Scuba and Lito (this last one has been surfacing quite often).

Samsung SM-T505 tablet at Geekbench with (possibly) a Snapdragon 662 chipset
Samsung SM-T505 tablet at Geekbench with (possibly) a Snapdragon 662 chipset

Based on kernel source code, the Bengal has an Adreno 610 GPU running at 980 MHz. The CPU cores are unknown, but they are in two clusters of four (one cluster runs at 2.0 GHz, the other at 1.8 GHz).

The only chips that match this description are the Snapdragon 662 and 665. Bengal seems to be the 662, which despite its model number, is actually better than its sibling with an upgraded ISP and better Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support.

Details on Qualcomm \
Details on Qualcomm "Bengal" from the Android kernel source code

If this is indeed the S662, the Galaxy Tab A 7.0 will have four Kryo 260 Gold cores (based on A73) and four 260 Silver (A53-based). The X11 LTE modem promises speeds of up to 390 Mbps down and 150 Mbps up, which is slower than the X12 inside the S665, though the difference in real life performance should be fairly small.

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  • anone

put dual speaker in it, will be instant buy for me

  • M1999

Other aspect ratio's thank god. Try watching a movie on a 16:9 phone or and 19:9 phone. First one will be better. Also, that means 7 inch on a tablet is wider than 6.9 inch on a phone. The phones nowadays are way too big, but the same goes for t...

If it come with lte and can make phone call like regular phone then I snatch one for sure. The 6xx series chipset + 3gb ram is decent enough for everyday usage.

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