Prestigio MultiPhone 3400 Duo

Prestigio MultiPhone 3400 Duo

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  • zidane2

i have this phone for over 4 years.
it a basic phone if you dont have much needs.
but its battery drains very fast even when not using it, using apps and such will drain it to 0% in an hour, which is terrible for a phone, very little Ram may cause the phone to freeze occasionally, price is accordingly for a cheap-o phone, just dont expect too much.

  • me

it's actually only 1GB internal, and couple of things are a bit overestimated

  • wuck

the camera is no 3,15. just 1 MP.
i have the phone and i was disappointing that the camera was just 1 MP
i bought it from a super known web site from romania

  • Ninnie

I accidentally dropped my phone in a pail full of water and yet it`s still functioning well. thank goodness

  • Nobody

Rare system updates, I am still waiting to update (OTA) this phone to 5.0 lollipop, somebody said to me, it will improve performance of phone 4 times, but I am still waiting for this update...

  • Anonymous

I don't like this device but I have it for 1 year and I'm just waiting to get a new device. I hate it. I hate prestigio.

  • AnonD-382514

The battery is broken.
What model is the battery for this phone?
i need a more powerful battery.
Please help me

  • AnonD-348285

I used this phone about 6 monthz, now it is in my friends hands for about 6 monthz and the phone still working perfect!!!really can`t believe, but it`s a fact!!!!

  • rasmi

how to create folder in this mobile?????

  • VJ

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2014Does this phone have GPS?Yes, via WiFi or HSDPA. It doesn't have a GPS satellite module.

  • Anonymous

Does this phone have GPS?

  • libby

i have heard this phone for a week but is not charging why?

  • BlackJ

I had this phone for over an year and i can say that it works great its very rezistent and user friendly considering the price tag and the specs it has

  • junglFerrari

How different is this phone from Prestigio PAP3501?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2014i can`t open my prestigio no working one months ago me too

  • Anonymous

it bugs

  • ZE

Caliz , 25 Aug 2014Does anyone know any type of cape for this Phone? Because I... moreAlmost all stuff for iphoe 4 thats almost de same size

  • abdul

my battary not chrging why?

  • Anonymous

Can someone tell me how to save my stuff or move in internal memory from SD card?

  • Caliz

Does anyone know any type of cape for this Phone? Because I have looked every where and I cannot find one