Prestigio MultiPhone 3400 Duo

Prestigio MultiPhone 3400 Duo

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I am very satisfied with this mobile. It's simple but really efficient. Its prize is fantastic to begin with smartphone experience. It's speed and confortable.

  • AnonD-275890


  • VJ

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2014Will this phone ever get an update to KitKat? It's a MediaTek device, so I doubt it would get an update anytime soon, MediaTek hasn't released the source code for this chipset so there won't even be any custom ROMs yet :( . But JB is more than adequate at the moment.

  • AnonD-275507

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2014Will this phone ever get an update to KitKat? Reply

  • AnonD-275507


  • Anonymous

Will this phone ever get an update to KitKat?

  • pontiff

The specs are not the best, but just look at the price and tell me if you'd care.

  • Astra

Just got this two days ago playing arounf with it. Fairly easy to use but memory is an issue. I was a bit frustrated when I coud not password protect folders.
Still trying to figure out if can link to laptop

  • mphoza

I just bought the phone, easy to use, a good phone overall, the camera quality is disappointing, but a good phone, I would recommend it any1

  • Anonymous

has a very good price for what offers. i dont have one but i think its 512 megabyte internal solid memory is the only problem with the phone.

  • Anonymous

Very very very nice !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

I bought this pon an its OK. If the user end don't know how to use that's is a big problem. It's is better to use the basic one.

  • Terence

Wow been using this phone for a few months now... Im wondering why not everyone has a prestigio.... its excellent.... the price is shockingly low... when you switch it on and work with it... it almost seems like this phone must have cost a fortune ...... very good phone!

  • Anonymous

You are so right. Vote up people! This smartphone deserves to be talked about!

  • AnonD-227770

Please say something more about this smartphone because for the price of it i think that it is very usefull.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-73368, 21 Dec 2013I know Prestigio makes quality pc products so i wasnt worried on... morei can`t open my prestigio no working one months ago

  • AnonD-241747

AnonD-101495, 18 Feb 2014Don't buy prestigio mobiles its waste, not have a nice display q... morewhat are u talking about? u are wrong, i have prestigio and everything u say its not true. prestigio has a great quality, touchscreen, sound quality....

  • AnonD-241747

its great phone, everything works great. and its very cheap

  • ZE15

Why no more peaple talks about this smartphone?
Everithings is value for the money i spend except the camera with small light.
Please say something more about it or just rich people can talk in this site.

  • la chulys

can be a good phone and ever goint to forge you, my love