Prestigio MultiPhone 5300 Duo

Prestigio MultiPhone 5300 Duo

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  • AnonD-699443

I have the prestigio 5307. Its not been bad, had it 3 years but would love to know if I there is a setting to withhold my number

  • Gizmo

Can you update the Android operating system to the latest 7.1.1 as there has been no update for this phone since i bought it in Dec 2013????

  • prestigio 5307

It turns my 'silent' setting off by itself

  • raimis

prestigio pap 5300 i had good telephone in a scale from 0 to 10 its definietly a 9
the battery could be a bit better but overall the phone is worth the money

  • juje

bad service, bad battery... sometimes it restarts by itself

  • Anonymous

Hey there, mine is a battery problem, mine is PAP4505DUO, I can't find the battery anywhere in South Africa, so boring...#Sad# all I need is a battery, someone please help me get one, I don't wanna lose my stuffs in the phone... Or tell me where or how to get the battery...? Sarah Ann

  • Chubster

Gizmo, 31 Jul 2016Hi Jim,I've tried everywhere for a spare battery for my 530... moreRe Electronic Partners Telford, do you have the web address etc? Cheers.

  • Chubster

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2015You have to hold the left menu button and close the app you... moreThanks for that info, did not know you could do that, battery life maybe extended now, lol.

  • Gizmo

Batteryyy, 19 Jan 2015Guys where I can buy a new battery for this sh*tphone? Ever... moreTry Electronic Partners UK in Telford OK

  • Gizmo

Jim, 29 Jan 2015I have had this phone for under a year I find the problems ... moreHi Jim,I've tried everywhere for a spare battery for my 5307 and yesterday found Electronic Partners in Telford UK stock them so I purchased 2.They are £15-80 for 2 batteries.Hope this helps.Rigards.

  • Gizmo

Purchased this phone from Ideal World in Dec 14 as was advertised as "The Bees Knees" which seemed a good buy.What a mistake,the phone keeps cutting out and as far as the company PRESTIGIO I wouldn't touch them their service dept is non existant and they do not want to know anything about your problems.MY ADVICE STEER CLEAR OF THIS BRAND!!!!!!

  • AnonD-525415

prestigio problem
had prestigio 5508 duo phone and touch got broke, only one small line and it wasn't working even though there was huge advertisment of new dragon glass ... it got broken inside hand bag...came to repair it and willing to pay the repair, in official prestigio service center but they told me that this part (touchscreen) is unavailable ??? no spare parts for touch screen!!!
so my mission is now to put everyday at least 5 new youtube short movies about why not to buy anything from prestigio which doesn't stand behind its own products!!!! just disgusting company... i have in plan to drop your sales in the next 6 months for at least 20% ... better to give money to charity than to buy anything from this evil company :(

people need to know how they are treating them after they give money for their sh..ty products... there are plenty of touch screens for any mobile phone out there, but not for prestigio???!!!!
never again

  • Ivo

This phone is nightmare. Got it from my girl as an unwanted gift 2 months ago. Since than the battery went, it was freezing and just issues that other had too. But now it is fukt alltogether. Got a notification about an update and the phone update it self. But never come back. It became bricked! Just like so. I need now a custom rom for the phone to unbrick it but bcause is usesles phone i cant even get rom on net for download!! Some1 could get me Rom for it?


only problems. can not use the calendar, can not give different tones for sms, email, calendar. all the same. also notification ring for no reasons. i have to put it off before i go to sleep, or put volume down. every week ,the time goes crazy, it gives wrong time even if i tried to change it by hand. i put the alarm at 7, i wake up at 8 and the time on mobile is 4h30(example),.
now i am using my 10 years old nokia which is 10 times better.
I tried to get some help, from Prestigio shop. But it seems there is no hope. Even him does not use prestigio

  • Pinta

So if had this phone for about 6 months, and the first thing i did was install google now, as it seems to be the most lightweight launcher. Do not have more than one screen, and try to have as little widgets on it as possible. Next do not use an sd card (if you do, don't use a class 10, android is not friends with class 10 sd cards), as it will eat up battery life. Without the sd card there is only really room for basic apps, and if you do that the phone will work very nice, it will hold a charge well when idle. Not a phone for everyone, but if you need a big screen and can do with streaming video and audio instead of having it on your drive this is a decent phone if you can get it cheap - i got mine for 70€ :)

  • Vex

This garbage is a nightmare. Using this phone year and half, 2 times changed motherboard, one battery, and audio jack. All under garantie. it's lagging, freezing, crashing, heating, itself restarting etc. All the worst you can imagine on phone. It's a real piece of chinese shit. I'd rather have nokia 1101 than this crap.

  • Anonymous

Hello guys I have this phone for 1 year till now and i have to tell u not to buy this phone..its specs good and very valuable,but got some big problems...searching the net and socializing are great but baterry life,the travel charger are really shitty but the biggest problem is that by 6 month using it has no signal ..even reseting it and nothing..don t buy this phone..i thhink at this money u can buy a s3neo and it s far good..

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone over a year now and have generally loved it until the touch screen stopped working. I'm gutted. I've looked at tips on You Tube bu nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

  • jutty128

I ordered a battery from and itcame after 2 days..
My only problems are it won't play videos from Facebook and the camera won't work most of the time.

  • kathy

I have this phone for two years. And even though the instructions said that the battery lasts for a day , even after two years , if I'm not on the internet all the time and she holds two days . I often use as a computer - tablet , because in it I use Word application for work and a variety of presentation applications . Great phone , I am very satisfied.