Production cost of AMOLED screens is now lower than LCD's

Vince, 25 March, 2016

According to an analysis done by IHS Technology, AMOLED screen production cost is now lower than that of LCD screens. Production costs in the first quarter of the year for a 5" 1080p display amount to $14.30 for an AMOLED panel compared to $14.60 for an LCD one.

However, it's yet to see if this trend will keep on. In Q4 2015, an AMOLED panel cost $17.10 to make, while an LCD one was cheaper at $15.70. IHS notes that the numbers apply for the production cost of a LTPS LCD (Low Temperature Poly-Silicon Liquid Crystal Display), which is the most efficient type of TFT LCD.

Provided this trend keeps up, we could very well see a surge in smartphone makers choosing AMOLED screens for their mid-range models.

We can't help but remind you of this excellent video done by Samsung, in which the company explains the technology behind AMOLED screens.

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  • Sined

And yet they Amoled cost like 4 time more to replace than LCD.

I agree. They have LTPS technology that has 90% less power consumption than Samsung's IGZO OLED panels. Their panels will cost more than Samsung's panels at first but in due time, their inkjet vapor deposition tech will allow them to take a large chu...

  • AnonD-345931

Your personal noob-like opinion doesn't matter when we have hard specky proof right here.

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