Qtek 2020i

Qtek 2020i

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  • Alex

The best!!! I have it and i like it very much!!

  • damilola kehinde

how do i change my phone fron french to english.
i have been struggling to do this for the past 1 month.
pls get back quickly.

  • Bankole

please how do i change the language from French to English

  • Anonymous

It's a great device,

But I had to disable the buttons on the side since when I had it in my pocket listening to music I could hear some clicking sounds in the music that was playing, and guess what! usually I had about 15 pictures of the inside of my pocket and 7 voice recordings.

It occationally freezed before I upgraded the firmware.

But now im thinkin of buying a HTC P3300 device.

What is the difference on the processors
the latest versions of ppc phones uses slower processors

TI OMAP 850 200 MHz Vs Intel Bulverde 520 MHz

  • leanne

how do I use the ringtones Ive had blue toothed ova. I cannot seen to st them as ring tones I bought this phone off a mate and havent got the manaul.
Hope someone out there can help me

  • Danny Smith

Good Phone Easily Modified To Deal With Any Issues With Crashing Or Freezing Rom's Are Avalible If You Look About You Need Alot Of Time

  • IVaN

yeah, i got one too and I`d say It`s pretty good , It helps mi lots!!

  • Matt

One of the best PDAphones i have ever had, use it all the time, freezes occationally when starting the camera, but no problem otherwise

  • VKS

worst ever sofware.i have been using this pda for two years & had 10 daataa losses in this duration.backup for contacts doesn't work.no service center to get it repaired

  • l42

what should we do, when screen align long time?

what exactly does that mean in english?

  • Brian

To be honest, I think it's the worst PDA/Phone I have ever had, The OS freezes at least once a day on me requiring a reboot. Most of the additional features with TomTom cant use because it causes the OS to freeze, and the camera keeps switching on ,,, grrrr cant wait to get rid of it, oh yeah, the battery life is woeful when you switch on either WLan or Bluetooth. It's not the OS , I've used it before..

  • G6HFS

Bloody Good Device, FANTASTIC never had any problems with latest rom upgrade, Got mine fron Voda, Runs all my bluetooth sets, even one in car witch is Nokia CK7W, and Holus Bluetooth GPS, Runs tomton v5.2 no problems even Microsoft pocket Streets.
Do not know what all these people are complaining about. Go Qtek....

  • tda007

what should we do, when screen align long time ? can't use the phone or the pda

  • toni

what should we do, when screen align long time ?

  • Anonymous

This product has all the features you would want or need. The big problem is it has not got the processor or memory to succeed as a faultless device. Somebody please make a powerfull device for me!!!!

  • Jordanian

I have this device for over than a year, it is perfect, no problems, simple bugs was fixed mostly by the new upgrades, camera is not so good, but satisfies me so far, I love it, the voice is very good in it.

about using skype, well, yes it is very nice to use it over this device, I use it always, you can download skype for pocket pc from www.skype.com, there is currently no 2020i in that page but you may download the version for Imate PDA2 which is the same device of 2020i...

Overall: Great Choice

  • Brian Taylor

Camera always switching on, lock ups daily, poor music quality, terrible call quality but handy to store addresses, email and web browsing.

I wouldn't buy another one though.

  • Anonymous

I have a Qtek 2020i for about six months, and have had so many problems. At present, i feel a suddently urge to throw it against the nearest wall about twice a week...

It Hangs (need to reset) ... Sometimes it resets all by himself just by pushing the On Button ... sometimes it seems to be OK but noone reaches me by Phone (and when i find that i have to... you guessed, reset)...

I think this is the worst model QTEK ever sold... I think the small ones (S100, S110, etc) work well, but this piece of crap doesn't.

  • arpglobal

can i use SKYPE with this device? HOW?

  • John Dixon

Have three for my company all three crash at least twice a day, they dont work with the Bury car kits properly, stand by and talk time is poor and the camera switch is to easy to knock and we spend half our time romoving vidoe or pics of our pockets or hands, sorry QTEK not impressed !