Qtek 9600

Qtek 9600

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  • Jake

me, 01 Oct 2008how do I conect to pc?? I cant reset my pasword... How do i do 8?

  • Anonymous

mathanrae, 02 Dec 2009straight swapped my e61 to this unit. lovin' it! :)How did you that ?
Please advise


  • pepson

from which site can I download applications for my device

  • mathanrae

straight swapped my e61 to this unit. lovin' it! :)

  • Anonymous

Aika, 28 Jul 2007Is there any code or number that I can use to restore the Q... moreaika used the default code 1234 its very simple

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2008are you kidding me lmao..purchase a palm over this..keep dr... morepalm is much greater than your mobile phone

  • Balogun Olajide

Its not bad at all. Really like the backlight sensor and how it all functions.I am pretty certain its durable

  • eric

please how can i set my language my is in spanish and i want it in english. my e-mail address : buju_0072000@live.co.uk

  • me

how do I conect to pc??

  • Anonymous

How to setup ActiveSync connectin via Bluetooth: http://pockethacks.com/how-to-activesync-connection-via-bluetooth/

  • Mehdi

I lost my head phone , Is any other brand will work with it??

  • night rider

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2008can you please advice me how to switch off LED which is bli... moreWhy not put under the pillow, it wouldn't catch your eyes.

  • Anonymous

can you please advice me how to switch off LED which is blinking for network at right side . My wife said its annoying at night or in extreme dark and slapped me. Please help!

  • Anonymous

Jaideep Limaye, 16 May 2008I am not able to view all the images which i have transfere... moreReset phone once. if not check the image format. Some images cant be viewed. Check MMC card is not faulty. If same problem persist find out some dealer in your country, may be in India. I guess.

  • Jaideep Limaye

I am not able to view all the images which i have transfered to my handset. Can i get the support & Solution for the same problem.

  • Kratos

Qtek's designs are like a cross between HTCs and O2s.

  • Anonymous

this is the worst phone i ve ever had. the menu is a bit strange and not so easy like nokia or even motorola.After one month use i had a problem and the usb connection of the phone(is the same to charge the phone ,to conected with pc and headphones) broke off and i went to the service in greece to replace it.they told me that i have to pay 80euro cause its not a phone problem... i bought the phone 180e and they want 80e for a partr that they told me it cost 2e.Plus that it was not my mistake that the phone broke down.Q-TEQ = HTC in Greece has the Worst service...I told to them that i ll not pay for something that is not my mistake that brake down for a phone that i use only for a month... and the aswer was that if i dont take the phone (not fixed ufcourse) they have every right to keep it for them , and all this with a paer of a their loyer.NICE way to bilt new clients,,, Thanks Q-TEQ - HTC In greece!!! Does anyone knows where is the main offices of the company so i send a post leter with my problem from the greek htc - q-teq??? plese i would greatfull ..my mail is p_anos@yahoo.com

  • Anonymous

"ok, let me get this stragiht: It was a HTC TYtN THEN: A o2 THING cant QUTEK make a phone which is not copied. They are VK, in discuise."

The phones are manufactured by HTC, and simply rebranded to be resold by mobile network operators.

  • Anonymous

are you kidding me lmao..purchase a palm over this..keep dreaming buddy..this phone destroys any palm phone

  • Anonymous

Purchase a Palm...You'll be better off!