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Qtek S100

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  • Ady

For english language, and latest version of windows (2.03) contact me on Yahoo messenger or email. ID ady_uaic

  • rei_66

to change langege just install a newer version of mobile windows
just update it with a higher version of generally the language you'd like it to be


  • andrei

i have S100 how do i change the language from spanish to english?

  • tthind

can anyone HELP? On my Qtek 9100/S100 i cannot seem to be able send or recieve sms. Everything else works like calling and emails but for some reason a error appears stating 'the phone is not ready try in 15 seconds' This also means i cannot get into my phone settings. any ides? help really needed! thks!

  • gregor

i need help.. my qtek is in german language.. how do i change it to english? please, i need help.

  • Ibro

I have qtek s100 its an englich,,dont knoww english,,,tell me howw to yranslate in swedish,,thak you

  • sandu

i have on my qtek windows mobille 2003 can i upgrade it to wm5 or higher if yes then how please email me

  • Cata

How can I full reset my s100, so all the data wil be lost except the operating sistem. thank you and i will wait for an answer on my email.

  • Janko

I bought T-Mobile MDA Compact (Qtek S100) and I want to upgrade from Windows Mobile 2003SE to Windows Mobile 5. Is it possible. Does this phone support it? If it is possible, could I make it with Data Cable, or I need a special equipment?
Please send me an e-mail if ypu can help me.

  • sahil

i have qtek s100 its in swedish,dont know swedish..can anybody tell me how to translate in english

  • joseph

i have a qtek pocket pc pls can any one tell me the site to download games and ringtones for free coz am in nigeria i dont have a credit card to buy one plsssss mail me

  • Anonymous

i have S100 how do i change the language from spanish to english?

  • Ady

I have the language english for s100...mail me on yahoo ady_uaic@yahoo.com

  • tofic sulley

plz help me chnge the language from german to english.mail me on pagedownunit@hotmail.com

  • Drasko

I bought my Qtek s 100 and everything is writen in Rusian.Is any one who can help me to turn the languge to english.

  • Ady

if you read some rows down, you'll see that I have the english language for it...contact me on yahoo messenger, ady_uaic

  • dennis

please help me change the language on my phone from italian to english

  • ady

if someone want's christmas themes for qtek s100/s110 you can find them on www.forumiasi.ro/forum on All about GSM...Enjoy

  • Ady

if someone want to change the language in english, you'll have to change the ROM, the windows...I have it...contact me on yahoo messenger ady_uaic

  • Scovik

for all the ppl that have problems with the language and whant to change it.......visite windows official site and download the language from there or try on the torrente or emule.or look on the cd that came with the phone it is in there.good luck to all