Qtek S100

Qtek S100

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  • sigma

I am very happy with my new qtek s-100. How do we switch between running applications (like ctrl+tab on pc)?

  • Rik

this phones is the best around, it does eveything you could want and is just brilliant!

  • How conect QtekS100

Plz guide me How connect Qtek S100 to PC? I haven't installed any SD card in it? Do I need to install it first then connect S100 to PC via USB???

  • C ME

I dude, Qtek S100 do not have Radio but its music is pretty loud and its very nice out put stereo sound enough for a big room place.

  • C ME

Well, my hands are dirty with my Qtek today at last, but unfortunatly I'm not able to move any kind of media files in it coz my compouter is not installing Qtek USB but its detected and even charged Qtek. I don't have any SD/MMC card in it, could you please advise me if I need to install SD/MMC card first?
Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

hello, i want to know if s100 have radio and how loud is the music on this phone.

  • Wasim Abbas

You can try to ask expansys.com tp up grade ROM. http://www.expansys.com/product.asp?code=119052

  • Iqbal Sakrani

i have a Qtek S100. its the best buy. good phone, good hand held, good size and good voice quality. but i am having a couple of problems if some one can help me please. i want to upgrade my rom but i do not know how i can do that for one thing. adn then i had MMS in my messaging nad suddenly i went away somewhere nad i dont have it nad i want to get it back. and the phone software is gone too which came with the phone when it came. can somone please help me with this problem

  • informer

Guys dont look up for a QTEK site. Look the answer below.Do you want to download programs for your phone?Go to for instance to http://www.freewareppc.com/ or visit http://www.imate-user.com
Your phone is EXACTLY the same phone with imate-jam. It is not a matter of phone. It is a matter of operatind system (Windows Mobile)

  • informer

OK once and for all.All these phones are made by a secretive firm called HTC in Taiwan (High Tech Computer Corp)http://www.htc.com.tw
Their makers named them 'Wallaby', 'Himalaya' and 'Blue Angel', but almost nobody knows them by those names. The mobile provider O2 sells them under the brand-name 'XDA'. They're also known as Qtek, MDA, imate etc.So thats why are almost the same phones and some are exactly the same phones.But I don't know why these phones are not protected from international copyright law.But anyway this is another matter

  • Christian J.

does anyone know some links with free software for QTEK ??


  • Farzad

Hi , I wanna know if Qtek have an english site . I can't find any site in english for s100 .

  • Marco

Great for data but really frustrating phone and voice quality....

  • Hisham Akl

Handsfree speakerphone gives a lot of echo to the other party, unlike Nokia phones, which has supurb sound. Synchronization with Outlook is great, unlike the Nokia Sync software.

  • DoHa

Qtek, O2 and I-mate are the same. What happen?

  • Mohammad Espandi

best select .

just backup buttry is no help for call. backup battry for save my data in RAM(random access memory) and when main buttry is low ......... -> Recharge .


  • john

this phone looks really great!!!