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  • Yasmine

Hi all, can someone be kind enough to tell me how I can get my Qtek fixed/repaired should anything go wrong with it? I bought mine from ebay and I realise that Qtek is not a british company and is somewhere in europe, Poland I think. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • gunyball

it is very sad to read this forum, couse to many of your questions/problems the answer is: use your head and read the manual first (so called RTFM method)...

  • Jucat

hey, does any one know how to speed up the camera on the S100, cos it takes about a second from when u press the button befroe it takes the pic.

  • Fernando

I own a Qtek S100. At the beggining the phone worked ok but after some time whenever i'm receiving a call after the first/second second it becomes 'on hold'. Does anyone know what is the problem?

  • joaquim lobo

Can someone help me? sometimes when I turn on my qtek the light doent's go on, and even after touching the screen it doesn't work, this is verified in long periodos of rest time, nor it awakes with the alarm-clock and mem functions the telephone?

  • Enrico

Hi, italian manual for S100 available on the internet????
Just buy with german manual, I'm italian...
Please linked me!!!


P.S. answer me on the e-mail adress, please, ...if you can.

  • Niki

Is there any way I can restore my S100's factory settings?
PLEASE ANSWERE AT nekiani@gmail.com

  • kumar

iam purchased qtek100 model, but this is in french language, but i want english, i dont know how can i change this/ any boday knows this???

please inform me spiceindia@gmail.com

  • Jan

I need help. I have a navigation system on my S100 and a Bluetooth headset (Logitech). Iwant to hear the voice from the navigation as well i like to have teh headset connected to the phone. How to do????

  • chaim

I have questions concerning voice notes:Is the recording activated by a dedicated button? Is it possible to record a phone conversation? Is there an internal answering machine?
Can somebody pls answer?

  • panagiotis

does anyone knows free software for my qtek s100??please tell me!!!

  • Obinna

Qtek 100 is about the best phone I have used, but I have a little challenge. Each time I want to download opera (browser) it tells me the file is too big and that i have limited size, meanwhile, I have about 863.39 mb free. How can I channel the download destination to my storage card?

  • David

Help Please. I have set a specific music tone & photo to a number of individual in my Contact list using the Photo Contacts option. when I preview the setting of an individual it seems to be working. However, when the same individual phone me it does not (I mean the music tone I selected does not play & the photo assigned does not come up). Any ideas? THX

  • joey jojo

if you have this device and have any problems, you can find anything you need to know at http://xda-developers.com
go to the forums, ask if you need anything

  • Nick

I am considering buying a QTek S100 as I have only heard good reviews about it. However, I use Lotus Notes at work and was wondering if anyone out there would be able to confirm to me that the QTek S100 synchronizes well with this software. I know it works perfectly well with Outlook.

  • Phyllis Smith

My QTEK S100 is programmed in French. Does anyone know how to reprogram it in English?

Where to download the apropriate ROM, etc., Or?

Thanks, Phyllis Smtih

  • HA

How can I set the alarm to play an .mp3 file? I tried at the \windows\rings and it dindn't work out!

  • Cristina

Can someone help me? sometimes when I turn on my qtek the light doent's go on, and even after touching the screen it doesn't work.
Does your light stay on when you make a phone call?

  • Wasim Abbas

Yes, this is not just the case with Word application even with all like Media Player and all other programes work the same way, even if you close you'll find them in Start>Settings>System>Memory>Running programs. I think this is a very bad kind of programming coz if you want to delete any file then i-mate/Qtek/XDA/MDA/SPV still consider it running and you have to Stop it in Running programs :-( then you can get rid of it...

  • Niki

Does your S100 close the programs you run? Because at my S100 for ex. when I run Pocket word and then close it and when I go to Start>Settings>System>Memory>Running programs, Pocket Word is sjill running.
I hope you understood.Please reply.