Qualcomm to launch a new 7-series Snapdragon chipset in Q1 2021

Yordan, 03 December 2020

Qualcomm introduced its new flagship chipset called Snapdragon 888 earlier this week. We expected an upper-midrange platform to take the stage as well, but the San Diego company had nothing more to share about a new 700 series top dog.

According to one leakster on Weibo, the new chipset will be introduced in Q1 2021 and will start shipping almost immediately.

Qualcomm to launch a new 7-series Snapdragon chipset in Q1 2021

The new 7-series chipset by Qualcomm is expected to be the main competitor to the 5nm Exynos 1080 with integrated 5G modem and the MT6893 platform by Mediatek - a 6nm upper-midranger that is yet to be announced.

So far we know virtually nothing about the new Snapdragon 7xx aside from its model number SM7350 and the codename Cedros, named after an island off the coast of Mexico (and relatively close to San Diego, Qualcomm’s HQ).

A prototype of this platform scored over 530,000 on AnTuTu, meaning it would be performing way better than the SD765G but will still be a step behind the last year's flagship SD865 that easily reached over 600,000 on the same benchmarking platform.

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  • Anonymous

It's not neglecting Qualcom want the spotlight 100% on the 888 if 2 CPU were announced, the spotlight will be splited the new 7 series will be released when 888 become an old news. perhaps in febuary.

  • Anonymous

8 series got 1 super big (X1) + 3 big (A78) + 4 small (A55) the new 7 series will got 1 big high freq (A78) 3 big (A78) 4 small (A55) the new 7 series will be the direct successor of SD 865

I find it VERY dissapointing on Qualcomm’s part that they just neglecting the premium mid-range segment like this. I was really looking forward to their december 1st press conference mainly for the new 700-series SoC (like last year). I guess that th...

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