Razer has a MagSafe RGB cooling fan

Enrique, 08 December 2021

On Tuesday afternoon, Razer announced on Twitter that the company has a new active cooler for smartphones. The “Razer Phone Cooler Chroma” is a MagSafe-compatible cooling fan powered by USB-C, complete with Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting. An app connects to the Cooler via Bluetooth LE and controls 12 LEDs on the unit.

The Phone Cooler Chroma aims to keep your phone cool while gaming, and its seven-blade fan turns up to 6400 rpm with a quiet 30dB noise profile. Both versions will need to be plugged into USB-C power for it to work.

Razer has a MagSafe charger with RGB cooling fan Razer has a MagSafe charger with RGB cooling fan

While there is a MagSafe version that’s held in place with magnets, there’s also a clamp-version intended for Android phones or iPhones that don’t support MagSafe. The Razer Phone Cooler Chroma will run you 60 bucks and is now available from Razer’s website. The Cooler comes with a 1.5m USB-C to C cable.



Reader comments

I personally use BlackShark Magsafe Cooler on my iPhone 12 to play Genshin, it does a good job in keeping the phone cool.

Yes... because its nice to cool down your magnet on your iphone.... as SOC is not even close to it...

Hmm I'm not sure a Peltier element is such a good idea here, at the least not without a more fixed mount with thermal conducting paste. Though moving heat from one side to the other, the Peltier element also produces a substantial amount of he...

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