Razer is working on a second phone

Peter, 03 September 2018

Razer’s financial report for the first half of 2018 attributes $16.5 million in revenue to the Razer Phone. That’s apparently enough to start development on the sequel.

Not just a phone, the company will focus on bringing more of its software offerings from PC to mobile. Razer has optimization software (Cortex), 7.1 channel surround sound virtualization and, of course, a couple of apps to tune its RGB-laden accessories.

But Razer also runs an online game store and offers virtual currency (zGold and zSilver) that can be used to buy full games or as in-game currency. The company also runs the Open-Source Virtual Reality project, which designs PC-connected VR headsets with Steam support.

The $16.5 million in revenue from the phone suggests at least 23,000 units were sold, based on the $700 launch price. But there have been discounts, so the number may be slightly higher.

The original Razer Phone

Razer will launch new products and given the complaint that there were no new GPUs in H1 this year (GPUs are the main motivation for people to buy a new gaming laptop), there’s a good chance that will see laptops with Nvidia’s new Turing architecture.

Speaking of, the Razer phone was the first of this generation of gaming phones and its Snapdragon 835 chipset is getting old. We expect to see a new Snapdragon in the Razer Phone 2, but which one exactly will depend on the timing of the launch. Rumors suggest a Q4 launch, which may make this the first phone with Snapdragon 855.

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  • s-pen pusher

-i could agree with games soon adapting 18:9 aspect ratio because nobody is making 16:9 phones anymore. -i'm not sure if it has to do with visual acuity, but i can very much tell the big difference between fhd and quad-hd and thus i avoid phones wi...

  • Anonymous

Hmm most people tbough videos would adopt.. 18:9... yet to happen games i can see if they are designed for phones only .. a better refresh rate will always be better.. assuming that whats you need it for.. hmm imo i can tell the difference between q...

Most games will soon adopt 18:9 ratio There is minor difference between QHD and FHD Oversaturate= Punchy colors which imo are better And yes 120hz is waaayyyyy better and there is no going back

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