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anonymous13, 08 Oct 2020How about the battery life ?I don't have number data for both before and after c57 update. But I use my phone the same way until now. Pubg, browsing, youtube.

I can say it's either the same or slightly worse screen on time.

For locked/sleep mode, i think it's better but i just noticed there's a setting (enabled when I saw it) for sleep optimization which from what I noticed closes the wifi so notifications are delayed (they come in as soon as I use the phone and phone connects to wifi).

But yeah overall, it's (only slightly) smoother probably because of more ram.

There is an issue before that also got solved.

When I lock the phone, when I want to use the phone again, it can sometimes take literally minutes before I can unlock the phone. I discovered that system UI uses lots of ram which also causes extreme lags and hangs. After c57, i have never encountered it anymore.

I didn't get OTA for c55 so I never installed it.

  • Priya

It lags so much after the realme ui update.the apps closes on its own. I think i have done mistake buying realme product..worst experience..fix the issue idiots.

  • Tech favorite

alba, 05 Oct 2020Is it good to purchase it and not update it as i did not fi... moreBest get a realme 5 pro like me. Sure it's a little outdated now the relame 7 pro came out but for the price you get 128gb or 64gb, 4 GB ram, snapdragon 712, no ads xioami has ads on thier phones also you will get android 11 and the colors are really good I got it for 2.7 million for which is around 200 dollars if you can get it for that price it's a really good option also the durability is amazing

  • Tech favorite

Mamasapano, 09 Oct 2020Realme 5i sucks ugrrrh . So lag, hang everytime even no rec... moreThat's not true some realme products are good. My realme 5 pro works very well they have amazing products it's just I think they made a big mistake with this phone. Another theory I have is oppo force realme to make this because the realme 5 pro doesn't have thier name on the back. Overall my dad has a realme 2 pro and I have a realme 5 pro they are both really good. When I was buying my phone the shop said realme 5i is the best because it was newer when I saw the specs I saw it wasn't even FHD and it had a snapdragon 665 this is bassicaly the realme 5 but worst software optimization and more expensive but newer but same android support it's sad you got this phone sadly selling it would be hard hopefully realme fixes the software on this phone or you upgrade it. The best thing to do is resell it if you can but don't sell for too cheap or else the phone you can get from that money will be just as bad as this phone

  • Zenny

Since i update my realmi 5i it become very slow, pls do something how to fix it, i just bought this phone 2 months ago. Its so disappointing😥

  • Mamasapano

Realme 5i sucks ugrrrh . So lag, hang everytime even no recent apps on background and always crashes dont buy realme products tho

wbpwns, 07 Oct 2020I didn't receive the previous update before c57 (idk w... moreHow about the battery life ?

  • no

After update this august 2020 realme ,5 getting worst not smooth and the game or opening the apps or closing the app it's getting laggy and stack up!!!!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE 🥺🙏

anonymous13, 05 Oct 2020GIve an update if it is really okay now in C.57I didn't receive the previous update before c57 (idk why).

I use some apps always running from boot and in background (power shade, super status bar, network speed, all available in play store) so my ram is always used by these 3 apps.

Before c57, the free ram is always 700 to 800mb even if no app open. Now it's 1.05 to 1.1gb free ram in same situation. Pubg seems a bit smoother BUT it might be due to new pubg update and not the realme os (so I can't say for certain what made it smoother, it can be both contributed to the improvements). As far as using the phone like launcher and phone interface itself, it also became smoother (just a bit, probably due to more free ram).

That's only for my experience. I don't know for you and others.

Try resetting system settings only if it will improve your phone.

  • carlos panares

anonymous13, 05 Oct 2020GIve an update if it is really okay now in C.57C.57 still lag at playing games. I think i really need need a roll back into stock rom.

  • maku

after update on realme 5i it become worse it's so laggy, pls fix this bring back the old feutures

  • Rylai

It's super laggy (5i), not worth it. It gets worse every after the update, customer service not responsive, worst phone

wbpwns, 04 Oct 2020I'm in c57 update version and no lag nowGIve an update if it is really okay now in C.57

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2020After updating andriod 10. I face some problem like lagging... moreMine in C.57 gets worse. It always lags more and still battery drain

  • alba

Is it good to purchase it and not update it as i did not find any cell phone with these specs (sd665) in this price segment.
or should i go for the redmi 9 3-32 model as 4-64 price is very high in my country please suggest.
Please users suggest.

  • Tuasin

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2020Yeah me too I hate itMe too.

  • Anonymous

heyracq, 03 Oct 2020i successfully came back on android 9 and even if most feat... moreAfter updating andriod 10. I face some problem like lagging, not good camera quality, bugs ect.😭😭😭😭😭

I'm in c57 update version and no lag now

  • heyracq

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2020How to get back on android 9i successfully came back on android 9 and even if most features aren't optimized anymore, i'm glad it stopped lagging. I was from the latest version of Realme UI and used this guide:

  • Arham

Adnan Ahmed , 29 Sep 2020If you are facing lagging issue with android 10 just update... moreCan you please send me the link of c.49 update?