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  • peter

Gow, 23 Jun 2020Is it Sony IMX or or Samsung GW1 sensor? GM2 ;)

  • SoBizarre

My 2¢:
I've had bad experience with this phone, or should I say - a COMPANY making it. On the third day of using, phone stopped receiving/making calls. Official repair center in my country said I should send device by courier (and pay for it) and then wait couple of weeks for them to check it. I sent email to Realme support, asked for help on official forum - for two days I didn't get any response so I've send phone back to Amazon and got my money back. Maybe in Asia Realme has a good customer support, but in Europe it's a JOKE. If you feel like gambling, go for it - just don't expect proper support from the company if you have any problem with your device.

  • Abul kalam Azad

It's really awesome phone for lower budget phone. Camera and battery nice.

So I bought this phone in the Czech Republic for my friend and it looks like it has NFC. Device name is RMX2002L1. According to Device Info HW the NFC chipset is called pn553. I wasn't able to test it since this is not my phone. Is this a "dead NFC" in this phone or does it work somehow?

  • Dzofa

camera sometimes make to yellowish or to sattureted photos


Renars, 18 Sep 2020Hello! Does this phone support Off-Screen-Clock and notific... moreits called always on display

  • WorthWhile

Renars, 18 Sep 2020Hello! Does this phone support Off-Screen-Clock and notific... moreNo, it has no off-screen display for notification.

  • Renars

Hello! Does this phone support Off-Screen-Clock and notifications?

  • Anonymous

Nemesis989, 03 Jun 2020What's the difference between 6 and 6s?camera

This is great smartphone. I tested it, its soo fluid with that 90 hz screen. Build quality is ok to Front camera have many filters and looks nice. Reccomended.


Picker , 30 Jul 2020Hi gys in my country india realme launched 6 & 6s> a... moreYes sir u should go for it... if u play for 2 to 3 hours perday or sometime... u can just make a ice bag or be near fan to make phone cool it helps a lot i play pubg in J6 and it heats so i made icebag..and the temperature was near 20 i also thaugt to buy REALME 6I

  • xcv

I used/demoed a phone at our only carrier which offers it here in Serbia.
Realme UI Settings have way too many options in the main Setting menu. Scrolling is butter smooth, but I noticed some stuttering when switching between apps. There are part of system which are still called ColorOS, and I forgot one function but it was clearly Oppo (as they are Realme owner).
I pushed screen brightness to the max, and like 6 and 6 Pro, it's all right for indoor use, but under direct sunlight is a bit of struggle.
The main problem is the price at carrier - it's ~250 € which is too much as you can buy regular 6 at retailers for less money.

  • xcv

Picker , 30 Jul 2020Hi gys in my country india realme launched 6 & 6s> a... moreAt the normal room temperature, left and center back of the phone heat between 38 to 39,5 C but that is normal as SoC never throttle i.e. no stuttering and performance degradation.

  • Picker

Hi gys in my country india realme launched 6 & 6s> as 6i . I watched some videos on YouTube & find out both of them crosse's 50° after 30 minutes of game play should I go for it cz some times I play pubg 2-3 hours is it good to buy . help here !!!!!

  • xcv

I forgot to type country :/ - Serbia.

  • xcv

This is the first and so far only Realme phone you can get at carrier and is exclusive deal - you can't buy at retail like regular 6 and Pro version.

gamerz, 29 Jul 2020thanks for reply,,, do u have this mobile realme 6s???no but my friend have realme 6s

  • gamerz

madein1, 24 Jul 2020yes pubg : hdr ultra call of duty : very... morethanks for reply,,, do u have this mobile realme 6s???

Will it be available in the Arab world?

Anonymous..., 16 Jul 2020does this phone run fortnite game smoothly ???yes

in 30 fps