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Realme 7 Pro

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  • miraj

give display 90Hrs refresher and 765g processor,Andreno 620

  • JustSaying

720g? really? Realme is living in the past, they should opt for a slightly higher midrange chipset with 5g connectivity. dimensity 820 or the snapdragon 765. The only major upgrade from the past 6 pro is its screen and charging speed and ofcourse the "pro" name in it.

  • Alex

Snapdragon 720G Really? I think 765G is best at this range

  • AnonD-896879

AnonD-896879, 30 Aug 2020I hopeThey ditch it

  • AnonD-896879

Rasheed T, 30 Aug 2020Realme 6 pro has telephoto cam...but will 7 pro skip that,... moreI hope

Who wants to read Dare To Leap on the backside of your phone?..

  • Rasheed T

Realme 6 pro has telephoto cam...but will 7 pro skip that, will realme downgrade?

  • Dandy

Still no OIS on the pro version

  • Anonymous

Realme 5g mobile budget segment

  • Anonymous

Bhuwan, 29 Aug 2020But it's for Realme 7 i.e. mediatek P95. For Realme 7 ... moreWhich is better? P95 or 720G?

  • Marine

Will the pro version come with 90hz refresh rate or 60hz, and what's the price Gonna be!

  • Anurag

AnonD-937790, 29 Aug 2020Nope, Realme has clearly mentioned that they are going to i... moreRealme 7pro will come with 720g
And Realme Has mentioned that they are launching a new phone with a new processor i.e. Helio G95 in Realme 7
Hope all your doubts are cleared

  • Anonymous

AnonD-937790, 29 Aug 2020Nope, Realme has clearly mentioned that they are going to i... moreNo....... That's only for Realme 7 which is G95t processor nd 7pro have 720G SoC.

  • Anonymous

even no New Snapdragon 732 ???!!!!??!
just like what we will see soon in POCO X3

Realme 6>>>>Helio G90T
Realme 6 pro>>>>SD720G

maybe something 5G like was not bad
Dimensity 720, 800, 800u or even Unisoc T7510
in Realme 7 Pro

  • J

Raju , 29 Aug 2020When this mobile will be launched at what price. What are t... moreSeptember 3, 2020 @12:30PM

Realme 7: (Around 250 USD)
Blue, Black

Realme 7 Pro: (Around 350 USD)
Mint Green, Black, (Special Colour)

PS: Estimated/Rumored Only except for the Launch Date

  • Surya

AnonD-937790, 29 Aug 2020It's clearly mentioned in the official site of Realme ... moreThey are introducing mediatek Helio g95 processor in realme 7.....

  • J

DragonNF, 29 Aug 2020first: It's G95 not P95 "its a huge gap" se... moreFYI, Snapdragon 720G is more powerful than 730/730G

  • Anonymous

I'm having a hard time believing the Pro model will have a worse chipset than the vanilla variant.

  • Mj

SD720G supports 65 watts charging capacity?

No nfc dude ;-;
It would be the perfect one for me...