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For front & rear cameras: Natural-looking / true-to-life (not too saturated), Decent OIS / EIS, Good dynamic range, Low noise, Sharp, Great audio recording and incremental (but necessary) improvement over last year's model - who gets your vote... Poco F4 5G, Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G, OnePlus Nord 2T, Realme 9 Pro Plus or Moto Edge 30? And your Top 3 in fastest in pushing updates?

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    • Vindieta
    • t@g
    • 03 Jul 2022

    LOL, everyone is commenting about the battery life was so bad. I bought this phone 2 months ago for photography and Realme GT Neo 3T for about 1 week ago for gaming, and also i'm using poco x3 gt from 2021, i never experienced battery drain from every phone i'm using from 2016, even i got around 7 hours SoT from R9Pro+ and 11 hours SoT from X3 GT. Use your phone wisely, turn off email sync, gps, and bluetooth if u're not using it (even if u're an office worker, turn it off when u want to go home after work), use manual brightness with "sufficient" bright (high brightness can cause damage to your eyes and brain too), and other "not so useful" features.

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      • Warlock0077
      • vGR
      • 03 Jul 2022

      Been using it for some months, but the phone is loosing battery alarmingly fast. Leave it overnight and it will drain 30-40% battery easily. I mean it has like one of the best performing camera in this segment(the main reason for which I bought it) but the battery drain is very strange. I dont even play games on it just casual watsapp and instagram use and in a little over 1hr of on screen time I loose about 50-60% battery. Suggestion for anyone looking to buy this phone, either dont buy it right now untill the company releases a fix for this battery drain or go for a model with pre-april update as people online are saying that after the april update the battery drain issue came to be.

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        • Grey Wolf
        • ppq
        • 01 Jul 2022

        Diegofnc, 12 Mar 2022If you really think the 9 Pro+ is a better phone in all asp... moreLol, the guy called the SD870 an outdated chipset. No point in arguing with him after that.
        While also praising the Dimensity 920 found in this Realme 9 Pro+.
        The new Motorola Edge 30 (with SD778+) and OnePlus Nord 2T (with Dimensity 1300) are better options than this Realme 9 Pro+. All 3 at the same price in my country.

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          • Asfan
          • QBk
          • 01 Jul 2022

          I am Uncertain about its GPS performance, cause its missing some essential systems. Can someone confirm its GPS accuracy and navigation performance?

            AdilAhmed, 01 Jul 2022Realme ui 3 much better than miui better at overheating the entire device and shortening your battery life.

              Sourav, 08 Jun 2022Hey guys today i bought this phone and got a 1.1 gb realme ... moredo not update. it will lag and freeze

                Samie, 30 Jun 2022This or Xiaomi Poco F4, whose software is better and sustai... moreRealme ui 3 much better than miui

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                  • Samie
                  • XRI
                  • 30 Jun 2022

                  This or Xiaomi Poco F4, whose software is better and sustainable, anyone tried both of their brands can help out ????

                    Using realme 9 pro+ 1 week rear camera superb but self camara not excellent battery time was superb give me a 8 hours+ screen on time and dart charged one of the best in market all over very good phone in this range

                      JoseTn, 21 May 2022Exactly, you may have Snapdragon processor that been optimi... moreThe update support is basically the same, A52s got Android 12 update and has 2 year software update left.

                        David, 30 May 2022Lousy Chip....A53 is more expensive, and yet has a much louzier chip. Also, this chip is already suitable for the price of the phone.

                          Anonymous, 25 Jun 2022I have been using realms 9 pro plus since last one month an... moreAre you having battery draining problem out of the box? or did it start happening after update? Also whats the current screen on time you are having on it?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Dkb
                            • 25 Jun 2022

                            I have been using realms 9 pro plus since last one month and it's battery draining very fast and even it's 60 watt charger not doing justice. Take more than one hour to fully charge the battery.
                            Kindly resolve the problem.

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                              • Alpha01
                              • 0p}
                              • 21 Jun 2022

                              Realme, could you please improve the jumping of the video when the camera is moving? I don't know what it's called, .. camera pan? And I also see a hitch when swiping pages in Opera.

                                Been using this phone for around 3 - 4 months and it's been great so far. I mostly do Spotify, Netflix and an hour or two if Genshin Impact. Yes Genshin Impact in its default setting it comes with is playable. There's this game tool thing built in for games and it manages to keep the phones temp as down as possible.

                                Don't get me going with how useful the headphone jack is 😉

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • uZH
                                  • 16 Jun 2022

                                  I own realme 9 pro plus. It has bugs. Poor battery backup and other software related issues

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                                    • Sourav
                                    • Dkx
                                    • 13 Jun 2022

                                    Alpha01, 10 Jun 2022Did that a few days ago. Because it said the update improve... moreThanks for your reply brother

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                                      • Alpha01
                                      • 0p}
                                      • 11 Jun 2022

                                      Alpha01, 10 Jun 2022Did that a few days ago. Because it said the update improve... moreI turned off the extra memory and IMHO it seems better.

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                                        • Alpha01
                                        • 0p}
                                        • 10 Jun 2022

                                        Sourav, 08 Jun 2022Hey guys today i bought this phone and got a 1.1 gb realme ... moreDid that a few days ago. Because it said the update improves the camera. But I haven't been able to discover any improvement. When panning the camera, the movie jumps a bit.
                                        Sometimes the fingerprint sensor doesn't appear. I think it's a software bug.
                                        Apart from that a good smartphone. Bought in Poland for 304 euros.