Realme gathers beta testers for a mysterious Project X

Yordan, 29 July 2019

Realme is preparing something big and is looking for beta testers willing to help polish it. An administrator from the fan forum posted a call for people willing to enroll, but also have experience in beta testing pre-release software and reporting bugs.

Realme 3 Pro Realme 3 Pro

To participate in Project X, candidates must have worked with beta software and debugging before. They also must own a Realme 3 Pro - no other device is accepted. Of course, all bugs and feedback must be given in English - after all, Realme is already an international brand and testers need a common language.

Realme rallies beta testers for a mysterious Project X

Since there is a specific device requested from the testers, we are guessing the Oppo sub-brand is working on an Android Q update but needs to properly develop and test it on its latest successful device, before pushing it to the market.

Since Realme is working hard to present itself as an independent company, we might also see a completely new UI that could replace ColorOS in all future smartphones.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

This is like asking obsessive people why they are obsessed. His answer clearly display there is no reason. There will be always some people complain about anything. You can't satisfy all of them, ever. You can't make them understand what trade-o...

  • Anonymous

It's like what OnePlus Excel in doing all the time

  • Anonymous

Is it tad difficult to introduce post on quad camera ? I guess they need to give ois for all 4 for picture to use ois feature

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