Realme C11

Realme C11

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  • Jabbama

Hahaha is amazing

  • John Benison

First The game center doesn't work when I turn on the "block calls and notifications" I recieve notifs but when i turn it on I dont recieve notifs and please add messenger blocker, then on google play store I cant change thw download storage location to my sd card.

  • antoon

Shuvo, 27 Sep 2020Stupid phone....slow, touch problem, hang problem...waste o... morehahhaha

  • rupom

i think i buy this phone

  • Shuvo

Stupid phone....slow, touch problem, hang problem...waste of money

  • Linjidamas

Plzz I don't know which one to pick between the realme c11 and infinix hot 8 lite .which. Is better

  • Anonymous

Best phone so far that I have used

  • Ground

I decided to buy this phone after the screen of my Samsung A50 broke for the second time. Samsung a50 is a mid range and C11 is entry level with that I should not compare however I regret buying this phone.

I updated the phone and after 1 day of using it here the issues

Spotify crashed 3x
Music volume changes occasionally
When you switched app it does not save your progress on your previous app. With that sometimes you get Auto log out for example email.

It's a good phone for it's price just don't buy if you will use it to multitask

  • Mr.Wai Yan Min Ko Ko

The machine is too heavy. I'm very disappointed The phone is good to hold. It is smart.I bought a new one.

  • Ani

jr kabir, 19 Sep 2020Realme c11 display kasa hai? 360p/480p mai video acha hata ... moreNever buy this bogus phone

  • jr kabir

Realme c11 display kasa hai? 360p/480p mai video acha hata hai?
should i buy this phone for watching movies (in 360p/480p

  • Sourav

Piash, 27 Aug 2020The worse phone ever I used. I was about to purchase Mi 9A ... moreIt seems that you know nothing about smart phones.Mi 9a got a Helio G25 processor with 2gb of ram on the contrary Realme c11 got a Helio G35 processor with 2gb of ram.So which phone is better you tell me now dumb.

  • Manohar Singh

gurjeet, 19 Aug 2020I have purchased the real me c11 mobile , 2 day prior. My ... moreI'm facing same issue while incoming call phone get stuck.i contact with the realme they said update your phone with latest software which will be rolling out from 3 rd September

  • sun

it is slower from the first day.Dont buy it

  • Jt

2 GB of RAM and charging 10 W, seriously? Better go to the C3 rather than this. Not recommended at all.

  • Kuba

2GB of RAM means phone is not usable for anything these days. Save your money

  • Piash

The worse phone ever I used. I was about to purchase Mi 9A almost same price. But my luck was bad that I bought this. The slowest ram. Hang . Touch problem . Bad browsing experience. Don't buy this at all. Its a bullshit.

  • Anonymous

Waste of money I am using it for 8 days its hang most time and very slow. If manufacturers solved it hanging problems and increasing its speed on touching than it have good phone in mid segment.

  • Anonymous

This mobile under sunlight display gets contrast level very low.any one Face this problem?

buy only if your looking for big screen other wise very bogus phone using from last 10 days. worst quality camera, hanging problem, slow operation
better to buy a non Chinese or increase your budget.