Realme C11

Realme C11

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  • Anonymous

what is the sar value?

  • Avi

Battery life and camera was so good but touch is very hard not smooth very low processor

  • Von

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2020can someone help me how to fix my realme c11 coz it's ... moredo the reset thing

  • Anonymous

can someone help me how to fix my realme c11 coz it's corrupted?😭

  • Heya Azka

Bought this phone for School and mild game usage. So far, ITS okay. Of course, no powerhouse or something but ITS good enough for daily use. Don't expect any heavy gaming side, please, and honestly i Linda regretted not getting C3 or anything.

Its just works.

  • Hi friend

pallavmohan, 14 Aug 2020if you're disappointed by the 2GB ram of the C11 , the... moreWe got 3GB ram version in malaysia

  • gurjeet

I have purchased the real me c11 mobile , 2 day prior. My opinion is that , do not buy this phone. During call time, phone hang also some time lag.

  • hary

realme c11 fingerprint missing.pls bring another c11 model with fingerprint .

if you're disappointed by the 2GB ram of the C11 , the upcoming Realme C15 might be a good option for you

  • .rickz

mdz, 19 Jul 2020is this expandable sd card ? Yes. It support up to 256 Gb

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2020Plz Suggest me truly. Should I buy Reame C11.??If there's Realme C15 in your country, buy it instead of C11. If there's no C15, i suggest you buy C3.

  • James frederick

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2020Plz Suggest me truly. Should I buy Reame C11.??It depends if you have budget buy real me c3 5990
If you want a cheaper but with high quality a suggest to you buy real me c11 its 5k only good for online classes and also gaming. Thank you

  • MO

buy this budget phone yesterday for my kids... good battery life, average performance and camera.. suitable for education and light gaming for kids with parental control..

  • Anonymous

Plz Suggest me truly. Should I buy Reame C11.??

  • Ali

Sami, 05 Aug 2020By using realme C11 for the last few days,I suggest you to ... moreReadme 9a is better then c11 I know c11 processor is better but there are many problems in it like heating problems lags and not excepting memory card some times these issues donot exist in redmi 9a as you can see the customer reviews .and most importantly redmi 9a is cheaper then realme c11.

  • Ali

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Nope. Redmi 8 Pro has lower benchmarks in every test perfor... moreSir redmi phones are better than realme first check the customer openion no matter what the company fits in the mobile if the customer is not happy then mobile is a piece of shit like realme it's customer reviews are disappointing heating issues battery drain issues lags etc in every it's phone.other companies donot do this they focus on what the customer needs like redmi . Redmi 8a has no compitator in its range even real me c11 which has better processor even then it lags and heating issues.

  • Gabby

C11 is the perfect secondary phone! Battery of this phone lives longer than my Note10+ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ excellent phone overall...

  • pepe

I have just purchased this device two days back due to some urgency, did not had the time to check anything about even the system internals.

But one thing I can say is that this is one tall piece of shit that does not allow proper multitasking or anything .

gaming on this device is your dream only. pubg mobile runs with in complete rendering and lag like anything.

go for any other device if you dont want to burn your head and get upset with its lower performance, They should have put the android go edition may be on this device.

device looks good and good battery though.

can use as a secondary device.

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2020not a gamer but maybe i need it for socializing with my fri... moreI'm sorry, but in my opinion, you better go for Realme C3 instead, if you wish to play PUBG-M beside ML. Or at least, buy Realme C15. I'm a C11 user.

  • Arnav

The Realme C11's battery and Mediatek processor definitely supports the functions of the device well.