Realme C15 Qualcomm Edition

Realme C15 Qualcomm Edition

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back camera setup is a gimmick. front camera is good.

  • Suvrajit majumder

I am user of this phone,this phone is not big performer,not a good camera,and heavy,
I gave 4 out of 10

  • Anonymous

LOLYPOP, 07 Apr 2021Is this phone for gaming??Yes so far it is

  • Shikikan

So far this is really a good phone and budget phone at the same time it can run Mostly of the games like Genshin Impact, mobile legends, asphalt 8, azur Lane, CODM, and etc

  • Anonymous

This phone is clearly a budget phone but so far I have tested that it could run Mobile Legends at max graphics and stable 40 to 60 ping with mobile data and wifi on at the same time then while for genshin impact it could run at 60 fps but the rest is at lowest graphics and coop effects on so for me honestly this is a worthy phone under budget wise category so i think this can surely run all the latest games till year 2023 or 2024 at most since games/ apps are really progressing and higher spec requirements are thriving continuously. but thanks realme for making a great budget phone like realme c15 Qualcomm Edition btw Note: only realme c15 Qualcomm Edition is the good version while the C15 only which has a so-so chipset cannot run genshin impact

LOLYPOP, 07 Apr 2021Is this phone for gaming??Yah I try to use it in mobile games like mobile legends, codm, etc. but it's not set to very high graphics, but it can also be used in high graphics, so it's still smooth, it's very playable and its battery is very worth it.😊

Is this phone for gaming??

  • Gamer

i very love this phone

Very Good camera, 6000 Mah battery, 18 watt charger, at budget price. Thumbs Up Realme 👍❤️

  • Anonymous

This is scam. The camera is not clear 🤣🤣🤣 blurred ... Next tym much better to buy other brand of mobile phone.... 😛😛😛

  • Anonymous

SD 460 hater, 04 Mar 2021yes it is, the mobile data is so very weak. Everytime I pla... moreHello sd 460 dont expect the game is laggish

  • Anonymous

I think, I'm scammed with its 6,000mAh battery. Seriously, it still consuming power even not in use and even with just a normal usage, it still consumes 10% of battery within 1 and a half hour of use. Any advice or tips plss how to make my battery last more longer

  • SD 460 hater

Uzumaki, 04 Feb 2021Network is really weak..its lag in ML...yes it is, the mobile data is so very weak. Everytime I play ML, i want to smash my phone grrrrr

  • no name

This phone is good for gaming and this phone worth buying because battery 6000mah!!

  • Angelo

2021 phone running on Snapdragon 460 or Helio G35 is which i don't consider this phone worth buying. There are phones that had almost the same price of this which has better performance. In my opinion, Helio G35 is just a weak processor, performance is just too slow and when opening a task is delayed. So if you're gonna ask me what phone should I buy under 120 bucks, I would recommend Narzo 20, 6i, 5i, or Realme 5. But in terms of Display, Camera, Battery, and Storage capacity is good. But if you're looking for a better performance, go for other phones which has higher processor

Here's another reason why you should not buy this phone (I found after buying one, now I regret it). You cannot store a contact number without giving your email address! The phonebook is only accessed when you log in with an email address. That means your contacts will be collected and everyone's details collected and spammed on each other. Keep away!

  • Lol

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021nah 5i is ugly, only disgusting blue or green, no black col... moreLol area dumb I still use till this day realme 5i with snapdragon 665 no problem..realme c15 only snapdragon 460 low spec haha sad

  • Uzumaki

Network is really weak..its lag in ML...

Bought the phone (4gb ram 64 gb memory) a week ago and here's what I found.
1. Network is extremely weak. I have to restart regularly if I have to make a call, or to make sure that others can call me. Else it says network not available. I tried with my own phones. There's no easy option to search for networks like in other phones.
2. Battery is ok but not worth the hype of its 6000mah. If you can charge once a day, then any other phone with less mah is much better. This phone would stay 2 days without use, or 1 day with use. With gaming it will be much less.
3. The phone is heavy. You can feel it.
4. Display is good, and touch is good. Auto brightness is a good feature.
5. Clash of Clans start quickly.
6. Only 48gb available memory out of the box. I don't know where the rest is.
7. You are forced to sign up for Realme account, and no way to bypass it unless you can live with a set up notification forever.

My advice is: Buy the Nokia 3.4 it's much better than this. Enough battery to take you a full day, great display, and base android with no bloatware. It is even planned for next Android update.

  • Zzzz

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021Android 10 dont have hfrMy phone android 10 and i can enable hfr mode.... Please dont tell what you don't know