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  • Susheel
  • fC$
  • 09 Jan 2023

Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz, 11 Dec 2022can you guys help how to update Android 10 on realme c2?,I&... moreManually download update file from realme website and then just install that.

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    • Subhra Mazumder
    • bCi
    • 20 Dec 2022

    I have been using this phone for the past 3 years now and quite happy with its performance seeing its low price (Rs. ~ 6500/-). The camera function lags no doubt but after using it for so long, your phone also needs a refresh. So, I reset everythig and its back to normal now. Overall, a good phone at this price.

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      • youaskedme.
      • 6cn
      • 14 Dec 2022

      stupid trash phone,its so laggy

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        • danny
        • KZJ
        • 12 Dec 2022

        Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz, 11 Dec 2022can you guys help how to update Android 10 on realme c2?,I&... moreyou cant because this phone is 3 years old and its too old to get update,im using this phone too but i change to vivo x70 sorry😢😢

          • Q
          • Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz
          • xhm
          • 11 Dec 2022

          can you guys help how to update Android 10 on realme c2?,I'm still stuck On coloros 6.please help me😥😥🙏🙏

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            • Hecate
            • C9a
            • 03 Dec 2022

            Been using this phone since July 2019, all i can say is the price speaks for itself. Durable as long you don't do any wacky stuff on this phone like downloading from sketchy sites and on early version, you can't use two fingers on the phone at the same time (Bad for games like pubg or any MOBA games, but it is now fixed by updating the OS). Impressive battery life even though i had this for 3 years. Camera is kinda laggy at some point, you can't take pictures fast enough or it doesn't save fast enough. And the worst part of this phone is the 16gb rom is not enough for anything in these year, the cache would take more space than the app itself. basically u can only get like 6 apps at once and it will be full (excluding the pictures and songs). But if you only need a phone that can get you like normal activities like scrolling on fb, watching yt, chats and call, this can be a good phone for it. All i can say for this phone is it's a good backup phone but not a "budget gaming" phone like everyone advertises.

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              • Anonymous
              • tA$
              • 21 Nov 2022

              A cheap phone with an HD screen which probably has the best pixel density at 282 pixels

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                • Abhi
                • XR0
                • 20 Sep 2022

                M bought this phone via Flipkart in 2019. While 2020 lockdown this model proved to be a good timepass.
                Contains mediatek Helio P22, processor is good for daily usage. Rear camera descent
                Now the time is for 5G devices, shall replace it next year with mediatek dimensity 710 and above or Snapdragon 720 ++

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                  • Raine
                  • xCC
                  • 19 Sep 2022

                  First let's talk about the good things
                  - Good back camera, colours are very well represented and images are sharp and dynamic range is good
                  - Battery life, was getting about 6-7 hours of battery life when it was still new
                  - The design, it feels grippy and is durable
                  - Screen - resolution is fine, colours and viewing angles are pretty good
                  - Speakers, very loud, with a bit of bass
                  - Microphone, IDK what to say about the mic but voices sound clear and natural

                  Average things
                  Screen resolution
                  Phone configurations (Storage, colours)
                  Wi-Fi reception and speed

                  The ugly
                  Bad, bad software, everything langs, the camera has a delay, leave an app, it gets killed even with enough memory free, I do like the design though
                  I mean yeah those are the bad, the software
                  The processor should be able to run Android 9, I know that because I have a tablet with slower processors and they run Android 11 just fine
                  The software kills background tasks so good luck getting notified by apps on time
                  And the phone just feels slow, like really slow, unlocking it, there's a delay, tap on something, a delay, the worst of all is the camera app, if you're lucky, it takes pictures as soon as you press the shutter button, sometimes 2 seconds, and most of the time, a whole minute. It really just sucks.

                  If you can flash a custom OS on here, it would run great, didn't had a chance before that because it kicked the bucket after being submerged underwater, which is my fault and not the phone's fault

                  So, don't buy this phone unless you're planning to modify it's inner workings.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • XV3
                    • 31 Jul 2022

                    How to increase the icon size of different apps in app drawer?

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                      • Maru Bayudra
                      • thw
                      • 22 Jun 2022

                      How the heck could the folks here have their unit be stopped working after 5 or 6 months? What are you even doing with this unit, man. I have been using this since its release day and apart from the decreasing battery life (which is expected), it's working just fine. With phone like this, you have to know your own limit. It wouldn't game, it wouldn't fit a lot of apps, and it wouldn't be good at multitasking either. But, should you set the expectation and used it according to its capability, it'd serves you well.

                      But yeah, I'm replacing this one soon.

                        • D
                        • Dean
                        • uCh
                        • 11 May 2022

                        Anonymous, 10 Jun 2021My screen touch suddenly become unresponsive that too in tw... moreYeah, my touch screen also not responsive after using it for 5 months

                        now I gotta change it

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                          • Realme C2 user
                          • rJ{
                          • 08 May 2022

                          Its amazing for 7k , using it for around 2.5 years , i am a heavy user , i also play bgmi/pubg on this at 25 fps , its works well if u are not doing hot drop.
                          Camera is also good considering price.
                          But now i am moving to " iqoo 9se" , as i got in collage. Snapdragon 888 ,flagship processor , it will be fun

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                            • Rei
                            • sBS
                            • 08 Apr 2022

                            Mom bought this phone right after New Year 2020 and 2 years after it's annoying and Idk why the storage is always full and the RAM is sooo low even the internet connection of this phone is weak and slow. The camera is too blurry I think there's a beauty filter that you can't even turn it off. I hate it, but I like the phone design

                              • m
                              • mobile
                              • vaS
                              • 08 Mar 2022

                              its very laggy not recommended

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • t7I
                                • 04 Feb 2022

                                This phone is my daily driver for about 3 years now, and I got to admit, it is pretty durable since I am a heavy user, although, one thing is for sure, the performance has gotten bad over the course of 3 years. The phone starts to lag due to low RAM capacity, if you are going to root this phone and use a custom build os, please do, the os in this phone(cos 6 lite) is pretty heavy RAM user. It uses about 2gb of it.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 7X9
                                  • 26 Jan 2022

                                  It's good but it is so damn trash in so many ways. One of which is the storage. It says 32GB but you can only use 23GB. SD Cards doesn't even work correctly on Realme. You can only transfer files. JUST FILES! YOU CAN'T DOWNLOAD APPS OR GAMES STRAIGHT TO IT! WHY IS THAT A THING REALME!? The phone also lags so much. The battery drains so fast even with the lowest brightness and no apps running. It goes "Oohh there's apps taking you battery life oohhh fix it" and when you do, nothings there. It says "optimized" then you open the task bar, it still says something is draining it. That's about it. My main problem is THE DAMN STORAGE AND SD CARD!

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • P@S
                                    • 01 Jan 2022

                                    This phone is stupid dont buy this u cant even disable security analysis cuz the pop up can make the stupid phone lag

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                                      • BSM
                                      • 7XX
                                      • 17 Nov 2021

                                      What I like in this phone is the down to earth price since I've bought it for less than 4000 thousand in 2020, and yet it can compete with expensive one's. The Camera is excellent ,rear and front , the sound is clear, strong wifi reception, and the durability . , So for a budget mail Cellphone , I recommend it for it's Quality .3gb and 64 GB ram, rom, .. the battery lasts for about 4 to five hours for Facebook and Utube I don't know how long it lasts with gaming because I don't play games.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • X{B
                                        • 27 Aug 2021

                                        chez, 02 Jul 2021only got question is this better than Samsung s5from procie no, s5 use old exy like note 3/4. everything else maybe samsung beats the c2 to a pulp. were talking ex flagship here lol

                                        just thank god its not the v20 ure asking to compare to this lowkey realme