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  • anonymous

I have no problem in camera and life battery. I was disappointed because it is always full. even if my apps on my phone is only 5. I don't have pictures and musics anymore. I have only 5 apps but the storage is full. how can I expand my storage? reply pls

  • Anonymous

British , 17 May 2020Since I purchased for this phone, I thought it's so far fro... moreDownload All in One Toolbox and in its settings, enable "Auto Boost at Screen on". Disable everything else.

This has fixed lag and battery drain on many phones.

  • Av 8 Gempita

Rebadge from oppo A1K

  • Anonymous

British, 17 May 2020I guess it just me who experienced for these trouble but yo... moreEven used special design for diplomatic use, this fon is crap

  • shivam

Tushar, 27 Apr 2020Same issue my Gmail account is hack realme c2 mobile securi... moreno

  • British

Fu, 21 Mar 2020This phone is garbage! Laggy! Materials look cheap! Camera ... moreI guess it just me who experienced for these trouble but you also, yeah dude this is the worst phone ever, bought this cause this is the cheapest one and can rely on the performance yeah at least haven't lag for opened only for socmed apps but yeah what I expect is wrong, first time it ran so smoothly and after few months it getting so laggy even I have to be patient for waiting the apps opened... Worst OS, Build quality so worst, camera also and lot of weaknesses that I can't explained...

  • British

Since I purchased for this phone, I thought it's so far from what I expected, I expect this phone would be the cheapest one with good performance that I can rely on but what I thinking is about to wrong, firstly it ran so quickly, have not any troubles everything going so well but after few months used, it became so laggy eventhough just for opening such kind of apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, or Camera... And also when I took photos it processed so slowly and sometimes the FPS drop also... Do u guys experiencing for the same like me??

  • Tushar

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2020Your gmail account is at risk of gmail account w... moreSame issue my Gmail account is hack realme c2 mobile security is week of google

  • Anonymous

Cant change from storage into sd card directly

  • Anonymous

Your gmail account is at risk of gmail account was attempted for log in more than 100 times in the past 2 months.its because of google security my gmail account is not hacked.

  • Tohler

I hate this phone, my mother had Redmi 8a while I had c2, but what I see that Redmi 8a performance are X3 better? Wtf? Same ram. When I play pubg with gfx it's lag was so bad, but with 8a that my lil bro playing on mom's phone doesn't encounter any lag? Even the features on 8a is like using a phone from 2022, while c2 stuck in 2018. Sorry. Last Realme device.

Low budget good is well. battery backup well. full display super. easy handle to phone. very good packing and quick delivery. I bought this product full enjoy.

  • Ananna

Getting all those excellent features within this price rang is really good. i like its camera quality :D

Wow nice mobile at price point. Good display, Nice Camera, Build quality is also looks good. It's totally value for money.

  • Robi Khan

worth it!!! best phone under this price, camera is superb n battery last long😍😍πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Fu

This phone is garbage! Laggy! Materials look cheap! Camera is uglier than the ugliest! OS is crappy! This phone is totally garbage! Don't buy this phone! Even using this phone for social media only the phone is laggy!

  • Anonymous

Shift, 09 Jan 2020Same, posted 2 weeks ago because of the same problem. Has h... moreFacing Repeat auto restart problem sensor.on camera not working when making out call screen goes black nwed to touch multiple times to hangup for screen to come back.

when phone is keypad locked and gets auto Restarted, visiited service centre they did software update and launch and every 2 hours when phone is on idle mode keypad mode and when we touch to use it it restarts. Budget phone quality dropping.

  • Anonymous

Shift, 24 Dec 2019My screen isn't responding to any taps I've been making sin... moreSame i felt sad.... but why realme cant fixed this problem??

  • Navii

My realme C2 is working good , but the camera image is very bad on zooming

  • Amir

Usman Chaudhry, 03 Dec 2019Just Bought in Pakistan.. Nyc Phone Looks Good with Amazing... moreHello brother I want to buy this phone if u can share your experience about its touch response and charging