Realme GT3 to arrive this month with 240W charging support

Ro, 09 February 2023

Today Realme announced the GT Neo 5 duo in China and one of the versions comes with whopping 240W charging speed. That's the world's fastest yet and Realme confirmed that it's coming to the global market as soon as this month.

Realme GT3 to arrive this month with 240W charging support

However, the phone to bring the new technology outside China is going to be the Realme GT3 instead of the Neo 5. It's possible that the company may simply rebrand the phone, but so far that hasn't happened between the Neo and the main GT series, so the overseas markets may well be getting a different device.

Realme GT3 to arrvie with 240W charging this month

To allow 240W charging, the company designed a custom 12A charging cable and a 240W dual GaN mini charger. The GaN part is pretty important because a standard 240W charger would be absurdly big.

The GT Neo 5 is equipped with a 4,600mAh battery and odds are at least that bit will be shared with the Realme GT3. Realme says it has implemented more than 60 layers of protection and that this is the first battery supporting more than 200W charging that's certified by TUV Rheinland for longevity. In theory, it should retain 80% of its capacity after 1,600 charging cycles, which is pretty impressive.


Reader comments

Been using GT2 Pro 8gb and the ram management is broken beyond practicality. The developer doesn't care about the most basic bugs. Actually they literally introduce new bugs and broken features with new updates and proceed to fix it 3 months lat...

  • Meh
  • 12 Feb 2023
  • 05}

You are right about video recording sound only. Secondary cameras are completely fine for its price, most phones have to cut corners somewhere, dont expect a flagship for 450 euros. Network and signal are fine in my phone. I didn't see any revie...

  • Lucian
  • 11 Feb 2023
  • 33I

What do you think about the quality of the audio in videos recorded, it sounds worse than an walkie-talkie :)) And how about the quality of the other cameras? The wide and macro are unusable and the front is like from a mediocre phone. Network signal...

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