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Anonymous, 24 Aug 2021Does it support 4G + networks with CA carrier aggregation?Yes, it does. It supports it.

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2021Does if have 4g+ bands aggregation?Yes it does. My Realme GT Master I checked SIM menu inside Settings, it shows LTE-CA.

Virtual expansion RAM till 5 GB on Realme GT Master I think it is just useless. A 8 GB of RAM is useful for multitasking app. A 12 GH of RAM is more than enough, but if it is more than 12 GB RAM, I think it is huge and become useless for a smartphone.

Need Answers Thanks, 06 Sep 2021GT Master vs Ip 11 Which is better iyo? Looking for the... moreI would say, for camera, it's iPhone is the best. But, if you are ultra fast charging lover, choose Realme GT Master.

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Does if have 4g+ bands aggregation?

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GT Master vs Ip 11

Which is better iyo?
Looking for the best all around phone.
Or any other option, you may recommend

I got update software version A.05 yesterday, size was 153 MB. The changelog is optimzed WiFi stability connection, mobile network optimized, optimized macro effect, optimized selfie effect, improves system smoothnesss, fix heating issue for a certaij condition and also added security patch August 2021.

This update doesn't fix slow ny office's WiFi connection.

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Truther, 02 Sep 2021This should honestly be marketed as a gaming phone with the... moreIt's nowhere near gaming phone, Realme GT 5G is gaming phone with SD888.

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This should honestly be marketed as a gaming phone with these specs and performance and headphone jack

afronoia, 02 Sep 2021Could you please confirm that there is no support for micro... moreYes, Realme GT Master doesn't has slot microSD. Since more than 1 year ago, I seldom use microSD anymore. For me, 256 GB memory is enough. MicroSD added just make the phone little slower (I had experienced it when using Nokia Lumia 520).

I love 65W SuperDart ultra fast charging that takes not more than 33 minutes finish 100%.

NikiDroid, 28 Aug 20213 days use of this phone. Pros: + Super AMOLED LCD, ve... moreCould you please confirm that there is no support for microSD at all?
This phone (and A52s) checks all my needs but Realme's does not mentioned to support microSD.
Also, A52s is ~$100-$150 more expensive. That is a big gap for my wallet. Sure it has One UI and 3 years of update but I can buy another phone with that price difference.

no gorilla glass, 10 Aug 2021Why realme devices don't have gorilla glass? Customers... moreI read somewhere, Realme GT Master has Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The GSMArena doesn't mention it on the specs.

The charging speed of Realme GT Master is very impressive. I noted my charging time is not more than 30 minutes from below 30% till 100% in average.

Spec and Price can vs with other but stereo speaker still need, So I continue with my Realme 7 Pro.

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021which one are more better?, comparing with Poco F3Processor I guess Poco F3 is better but.... I chose to buy Realme GT Master because I want ultra fast charging.

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Anonimas, 23 Aug 2021I wonder whether this or Poco F3's camera will be bett... moreIf Realme GT Master has the same camera as Realme GT, then both Poco F3 and Realme GT both has their pros and cons. Both capture almost similar in results in day light picture, but Poco F3 has far accurate color tone than Realme GT. Realme GT has rendered the picture color to become saturated and vivid. Video side, both also very similar in performance, but Realme GT 4K60fps has EIS. The rest on low light picture is not flagship grade, just ok only.
The rest are depend on your region, it seems the Realme GT Master will be similary expensive as Poco F3 in my country. For sure for money and overall quality wise, will choose Poco F3 over Realme GT Master. The explorer edition might be much more expensive.

oemarishaq, 29 Aug 2021Interesting But I'll wait for the galaxy A52s 5G Sim... moreI had seen Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, yes, processor the same including memory, but Realme GT Master charger is much faster than Samsung.

There is a bug on Realme GT Master. The WiFi connection speed is too low compared other brand with the same WiFi source.

Hope it will be fixed later on next new software update.

But I'll wait for the galaxy A52s 5G
Similar specs but come on, Samsung one UI is way better than the realme UI 🤫

Genuine Phone finder, 20 Aug 2021#Privacyissue Realme UI is a joke! Reason: -camera ... moreI bought Realme GT Master 3 days ago. Yes, for first time open camera and several app need activated permission. I am OK with that.

For Realme UI 2.0, not bad. That's why I still use the phone. It is good and fine.