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NeonDeity, 03 Dec 2021Gt neo 2 has lpddr5 not 4.aida64 test lpddr4x

millennium18, 29 Nov 2021I couldn't agree more, GT Neo 2 has LPDDR4X while Poco... moreGt neo 2 has lpddr5 not 4.

@lsmao What kinda question is that? Oneplus 9 pro is twice as costly as a gt neo 2, so if you can buy that, obviously buy that as its an obviously better phone. Gt neo 2 is an amazing phone for its price with average cameras.

  • Ismao

I hesitate between oneplus 9 pro and realme gt neo 2 according to you which one I should choose

  • Unique

I think it's worth, i got 12 256, and don't have any complaint.
Don't have audio jack? Just buy the adaptor.
Don't have card slot? 128 or 256 not enough? What you save, p*rn videos? Just buy harddisk external 1tb.
You don't have that money so much, don't buy it.
You can find any other, if you don't want.

Buy ROG 5, it's have audio jack and card slot.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2021You buy worthless earbuds from realme instead of using good... moregive us a sample that right now seling in market with these specs:::::

Amoled 120Hz
SD870 or higher
3.5mm jack
SD Card
UD finger
5000Mah 65W

if u know some models give us the names ??????

I'll give u some

Zenfone 8 flip

5000 30W
Flip cam (how many ppl like to have such cam ?!?)
___SD card

price start from 705$

Zenfone 8

UD finger
4000 30W
__3.5mm jack

price start from 600$

Moto edge s (G100)

price start from 290$

___3.5mm jack
___sd card
Type c 3.1
5000 20W

but as my research other phones like gaming with huge tall they have just ____3.5mm jack

Red Magic 6s pro

170mm ( almost Edge s tall)

  • Anonymous

You buy worthless earbuds from realme instead of using good old 3.5mm, so need to pay!
Youy choose extra storage version instead of using mSD card, so need to pay again.

All of them are cheating bassdards, shameless sellers.

  • Zwierzak

Zwierzak, 26 Nov 2021Take OnePlus 8T or Realme GT Neo 2? I really care about a g... moreany advice?

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2021I think company is misleading it's customers by advert... moreIkr, even its 90 fps for gaming is not working for some of the games.

v1adimir, 16 Nov 2021Use the compare, and just so you know the "Poco" ... moreI couldn't agree more, GT Neo 2 has LPDDR4X while Poco F3 has LPDDR5 RAM. Don't know why they're using DR4X on a lastest phone, but still I would pick Neo 2.

For you mate, what phone could you recommend for me? My budget is $400 but it would be better if lower price so I can buy some accessories.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone a couple of days ago and its running amazingly good for gaming
I was going to buy the poco f3 but when i looked at the 5000mAh battery and the 65W charger i had to get it

  • Zwierzak

Take OnePlus 8T or Realme GT Neo 2? I really care about a good screen quality and battery.

  • Anonymous

GT NEO 2 has great features as I expected, I bought the phone a few days ago and I had no issues with it. What I don't like is they didn't include a 3.5 mm jack because I love to hear music. The phone's back panel looks so cool and I don't want it to get scratched so I decided to wrap it with full-body protection from Gadgetshieldz. This will protect my phone from unnecessary scratches.

  • Kendral

Guys this Neo 2 has DDR4X ram while the Poco F3 has DDR5. This IS very strange for a new released phone. Do you know why and if this impact Gaming?

  • Bayu

This device release at Indonesia and its say suport 5G Telkomsel provider. thats provider use n40 band, can you confirm it? Because in gsm arena not say n40 available.

  • Anonymous

Abuzafor, 18 Nov 2021Guys i bought poco f3 but while playing it have some issue... moreJust Do It✔️

no poco Mi 10T pro

GT NEO 2 ➕

Guys i bought poco f3 but while playing it have some issue
i want to change to GT neo 2
what you guys say?

  • Anonymous

Ap, 11 Nov 20213.5 mm jack missing👎 Camera average Battery, performa... morefor having 3.5mm jack... go for


they r all same

Q3 Pro (no nfc)

its like them & with D1100

but must mention
for size btw 158mm_165mm
just use 5000Mah

  • Tameem

PwndByAChick, 16 Nov 2021I got Poco X3 NFC and i want to change it . It will worth i... moreYes, of course. OZX. not only spec wise but it is better in every side.

  • Anonymous

Ap, 11 Nov 20213.5 mm jack missing👎 Camera average Battery, performa... moreu can't find any flagship phones like having SD865+, SD870, SD888
also have 3.5mm + sd card

maybe just in some of gaming devices with HUGE TALL.
inplus they doesn't have both...some of them comes with sd card & some with 3.5mm jack

some ppl always complaining why flagships doesn't have both....this is rules

for having both... u better go for high midranges like

otherwise for having all options in one, u better go for sony
Xperia 1 ll....Xperia 5 ll
Xperia 1 lll....Xperia 5 lll
price start from 850_900$